[new kingdom hearts mobile game]How Kingdom Hearts Union X’s Ending Connects To Other Games

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  The final update of Kingdom Hearts Union X served to tie the game into other entries in the Kingdom Hearts series. Here’s what the connection means.

  By Ky Shinkle

  Published Jun 04, 2021


  How Kingdom Hearts Union X's Ending Connects To Other Games

  In the eyes of many fans, the Kingdom Hearts timeline seems to grow more and more complex as the series continues. Multiple prequel games have been?released to explore events that take place well before the events of Kingdom Hearts 1, and several spin-offs exist to explain seemingly inconsequential plot points. The deep connection between each entry in the franchise is part of what makes the series so difficult for many new players to get into, and the final update of Kingdom Hearts Union χ?(KHUX) added?even more ties?to other games.

  The first Kingdom Hearts game was released in 2002, and in the almost 20 years since then the series has seen many mainline games and spin-offs. Kingdom Hearts has also been re-released across several different platforms, most recently the PC, in the form of different collections that aim to bundle the series together in an easily-accessible manner.

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  How Kingdom Hearts Union X's Ending Connects To Other Games

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  KHUX is a mobile Kingdom Hearts title, initially released in 2013 as a Japan-exclusive browser game. The app was re-released globally a few years later, and since then has been rebranded a couple of times as the game became more and more tied into the overall lore of the Kingdom Hearts series. The final update to KHUX’s story was released in late May, and the game’s connection to the rest of the franchise is now more solid than ever.


  Xehanort, the major antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, has been getting more and more focus from Square Enix as of late. Kingdom Hearts 3 included several cutscenes that showed players glimpses of Xehanort’s past, and Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?further explored this era of the timeline when it was released in 2020. However, KHUX went even further in terms of solidifying Xehanort’s backstory. Once the player character falls to darkness, their Chirithy presents them with two options. Either they can go to sleep and allow their heart to merge with Chirithy, or they can allow themselves to be reborn into a new life. In their final moments, players are shown that their character chose the option to be reborn – and that the person they were reborn as is none other than Xehanort.


  This wasn’t the only piece of Kingdom Hearts lore that was recontextualized in KHUX’s last update. The game also revealed the origins of KH3D’s Dream Eaters by showing what happens when Chirithies merge with the hearts of fallen Keyblade Wielders. Additionally, it implied that Ephemer, a major character from KHUX, went on to become the founder of one of the franchise’s major locations: Scala ad Caelum, where Xehanort was born. Many other minor details explained plot points that were introduced either early on in KHUX or hinted at in other games across the franchise. These ties help to both solidify KHUX’s place in the Kingdom Hearts timeline as well as set up the foundation for future Kingdom Hearts games as the series moves forward.


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