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06-18 17:47

We’re just days away from a new Fortnite season and all the fanfare that comes with that. Soon, we’ll have guides covering the incoming map changes, the new Battle Pass, and new gameplay mechanics for the massive Fortnite community to learn. But we can’t help but daydream about the new crossovers the game may feature in the months ahead.

If Fortnite Season 7 goes as long as Season 6, that gives us 12 weeks of potential tie-ins and collaborations for Epic to reveal. While the company still keeps the Item Shop fresh with plenty of original creations like the recently free Ruby Shadows pack, the trend for the past half-year has been heavy on licensed collaborations.

With aliens coming to Fortnite, we’ve made our wishlist of seven sci-fi and alien-themed crossovers we hope to see in the game before the extraterrestrials depart in a few months’ time. Some no-brainers, like the xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s Alien and the Predator, are already roaming the island, but there’s still plenty more we haven’t seen yet. Here are some more aliens and their foes who would fit right in with the licensed franchise melting pot that is Fortnite.

Shippers would just ask for a synced kissing emote.Shippers would just ask for a synced kissing emote.

Who better to investigate the alien threat on Apollo (the name of the Chapter 2 map) than TV’s most storied alien investigators, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder from The X-Files? After the xenomorph, they are arguably the most recognizable faces in alien fiction, and Epic has already worked with Fox for past collaborations like the aforementioned Alien and Predator. Not only does this seem like a great fit, but it also seems highly plausible.

Back Bling: FBI badgeGlider: an alien spacecraftPickaxe: a cornstalkBut really, where's Metroid Prime 4?But really, where’s Metroid Prime 4?

It may be the case that Nintendo doesn’t want to keep putting a spotlight on its MIA space hero until her next adventure is ready, but E3 season is here, so maybe we’ll learn very soon that the next Metroid is nearer than it feels right now. In that case, Samus coming to Fortnite just makes too much sense, especially after Master Chief and Kratos already dropped in to represent their console brands. Mario isn’t likely and even Link seems a bit short, but Samus… Samus makes sense.

Back bling: a Metroid

Glider: Samus’ gunshipPickaxe: Screw AttackCan we also get the 90s R&B theme as lobby music?Can we also get the 90s R&B theme as lobby music?Can we also get the 90s R&B theme as lobby music?

Though a recent reboot didn’t make much of a splash, the Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones-led Men In Black, Agents K and J, still have cache with moviegoers. When you consider how Epic has been willing to bring even some arguably lower-rung properties, like Tron and G.I. Joe, into the game lately, it feels like MIB is within the realm of possibility. However, it also seems like these collabs are just as much about what interests chief creative officer Donald Mustard as they are specifically timed promotions, like The Mandolorian or the upcoming Loki. Does anyone know Mustard’s opinion on Men In Black?

Back Bling: one of the many aliens in the seriesGlider: Agent J’s Mercedes-BenzPickaxe: oversized neuralyzerIf Epic really went big, maybe we could even customize our own Shepard like Maya in Fortnite Season 2.If Epic really went big, maybe we could even customize our own Shepard like Maya in Fortnite Season 2.If Epic really went big, maybe we could even customize our own Shepard like Maya in Fortnite Season 2.

We’ve already discussed alien investigators, instigators, and combatants, but what about diplomats? Sure, maybe your Shepard wasn’t so diplomatic and resolved most issues by circumventing established power structures (and punching), but with these aliens on the island, we need someone who can paragon or renegade their way out of a sticky situation. EA and Epic should shake hands and add Shepard to the Gaming Legends series. If they’re feeling really friendly, a few squadmates would be appreciated too, starting with Liara, Garrus, and Mordin, I’m sure we can agree.

Back Bling: a mini-ReaperGlider: the Normandy SR1Pickaxe: omni-toolLive long and prosper, so you can buy more V-Bucks.Live long and prosper, so you can buy more V-Bucks.Live long and prosper, so you can buy more V-Bucks.

Like Commander Shepard, Spock is perhaps the most likely to come to Fortnite from his IP, but many other Star Trek characters would fit right in too. It’s just that few would be as celebrated as a Leonard Nimoy-based Spock (sorry Quinto fans). Sure, the generally younger Fortnite audience wouldn’t have a clue who he is, but that was the case with the recent Mistborn crossover too, and yet it still happened. It seems like only a matter of time until Star Trek finds its way to one of gaming’s biggest platforms, so it’s probably safe to set phasers to fun.

Back Bling: Starfleet hologramGlider: USS EnterprisePickaxe: phaser“To Serve Man”? My, how charitable!

Admitting this one is probably too deep a cut for even Fortnite’s anything-goes approach to crossovers, there are few sci-fi series as important to the genre as The Twilight Zone, and the nine-foot Kanamits are probably the most recognizable of the anthology’s many aliens over its half-decade run in the 1960s–Jordan Peele’s reboot even did a sequel. A black-and-white style Kanamit doing TikTok dances is something we’d happily pay to see, and if it gets some uninitiated players to look into the seminal series and become new fans, that’s a win-win.

Back Bling: To Serve Man (no spoilers) textbookGlider: Kanamit spaceshipPickaxe: the UN podium from the aliens’ greeting to Earth“Finally…The Foundation has come back to Apollo!”

While the others on this list would require Epic shakes hands with another party like Fox, CBS, or EA, The Foundation is the developer-publisher’s own creation and thus maybe most likely of all to arrive as a playable skin in Season 7. If you’re unfamiliar, The Foundation is the masked man currently trapped in the Zero Point at the center of the map. Fans have confidently guessed it’s The Rock playing the role, though Epic still hasn’t said anything to confirm or deny the nonetheless obvious theory. The Foundation is part of The Seven, a mysterious group of apparent metahumans who have some stake in and/or control over the fate of the Fortnite universe. Fans have been dying to learn more, and you can bet once Epic lifts this long-sealed lid, it will come with an optional pricetag.

Back Bling: the Zero PointGlider: the crashed meteorPickaxe: can’t he just Rock Bottom the environment for building materials?

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