[dbd mobile apk]Are Dead by Daylight servers down? Here’s how to check | Gamepur

07-19 04:34

  There is nothing quite like the sinking, angry feeling of logging on to play your favorite game, only for a “could not connect to servers” message to pop up on your screen. With a game like Dead by Daylight, too, you have to have that server connection in order to play.

  Your first instinct might be to wonder what is wrong with your connection at home, but there is also a good chance that the issue is coming from the servers themselves. Sometimes, whether intended or not, game servers go down for periods of time and you may not be aware of it happening.

  If you are having trouble with connecting to the Dead by Daylight servers, there is an easy way to see if they are down, themselves.

  Simply head over to the Dead by Daylight page on downdetector.com, where it will tell you if the servers are down or running. The site will allow you to post any issues you are encountering, as well as any issues that other players are experiencing. It will also put these complaints on a timeline so you can see just when those issues were happening.