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06-19 20:34

¡¡¡¡Jazmin Shortt is eight years old and she already knows that she wants to be an actress. - Roger JacobJazmin Shortt is eight years old and she already knows that she wants to be an actress. – Roger Jacob

¡¡¡¡Jazmin Shortt is only eight years old but she already acts, sings, dances and plays many instruments including the steelpan and African drums.

¡¡¡¡Jazmin’s parents are musicians so it may not be surprising that she loves the performing arts.

¡¡¡¡¡°Since my mummy and daddy are musicians, and are in the arts a lot, I started getting into the arts and I find it very fun. I like going on stage and performing for people.¡± said Jazmin in a recent interview with Newsday Kids.

¡¡¡¡Her mom, Joanna Shortt, is a secondary school music teacher who also works with different steelbands, while her dad, Andre Wilson, is the vice captain of Sforzata steel orchestra.

¡¡¡¡With their encouragement, Jazmin has been able to explore her performing talents in many different ways.

¡¡¡¡For example, she has taken ballet classes with the Caribbean School of Dance and has also taken hip-hop dance classes.

¡¡¡¡¡°When I first started ballet, it was kind of hard but as I¡¯ve gotten used to dancing, it¡¯s been getting easier and easier along the way,” she said.

¡¡¡¡Jazmin plays many instruments including the steelpan. – Roger Jacob

¡¡¡¡¡°I¡¯ll say hip-hop is harder (than ballet) because in hip-hop there¡¯s a little more moves and the pace of dance is faster than ballet.¡±

¡¡¡¡To date, she¡¯s not entered any dance competitions but she has entered singing competitions.

¡¡¡¡Jazmin performs extempo, calypso and soca. One of her first competitions was in 2017 when she performed a calypso titled Reading for her school¡¯s Carnival celebrations ¨C and she won!

¡¡¡¡Because of covid19 restrictions, she can’t perform at any events. Jazmin can¡¯t wait for the pandemic to be managed so that can be get back on stage.

¡¡¡¡She also misses physically going to classes at the La Horquetta South Government Primary school where she was able to practice her drumming skills.

¡¡¡¡¡°I used to practice with the (drumming) group Amonzion in school but since covid, I have not been doing a lot of drumming and I would like to get back into drumming.

¡¡¡¡Jazmin hugs her mom, Joanna Shortt. – Roger Jacob

¡¡¡¡¡°I miss practising in-person because I miss my friends.¡±

¡¡¡¡Jazmin also loves to swim. She’s learning how to swim with the Eastern School of Life Saving at the Centre of Excellence in Macoya, although she doesn’t plan to compete any time soon.

¡¡¡¡With a pool at home, it¡¯s a priority for her to take a dip on a sunny day.

¡¡¡¡Last January, Jazmin decided to challenge herself and begin learning capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian style of martial arts which incorporates music.

¡¡¡¡She is currently being coached by her neighbour.

¡¡¡¡¡°It (capoeira) is one of the hardest things I do because it has a lot of moving and I had to learn some interesting instruments.¡±

¡¡¡¡Jazmin has taken classes in ballet and hip hop dancing. – Roger Jacob

¡¡¡¡For now, Jazmin has to do online classes for all the activities she participates in. She can¡¯t wait to get back to in-person learning with her different coaches and tutors.

¡¡¡¡A student two student, she¡¯s also keeping up with her online school.

¡¡¡¡With all that she does, Jazmin takes time to relax by playing Roblox, which is a video game.

¡¡¡¡In keeping with her love for the performing arts, she wants to be an actress when she grows up.

¡¡¡¡¡°I would like to be an actress when I grow up because my mummy, grandmother, and a lot of my cousins say that I¡¯m very dramatic.¡±

¡¡¡¡She thanks her family and teacher, Rhonda Jones, for all their support.