pokemon for great league

06-20 19:20

﹛﹛Every Pok谷mon in Pok谷mon Go has a set of IVs attached to them. This determines how good they are in the three stats: attack, defense, and stamina. You can have two of the same Pok谷mon, but their stats vary, giving one a larger CP value, even if they*re at the same level. For those who plan to compete in the Battle League or want to raid against legendary Pok谷mon, you want to have a Pok谷mon with the best IVs. When it comes to Gible, a powerful Pok谷mon in the Battle League, you want to make sure you find one with perfect IVs. Beyond the perfect IVs, you also want to make sure Garchomp uses its best moveset, especially alongside earth power.

﹛﹛When it comes to Gible, you*re going to eventually evolve it into Garchomp, a Dragon and Ground-type Pok谷mon that can compete extremely well at the Master League level. This means you*ll be powering it up to its highest level, reaching level 40 or 50, depending on if you have the XL candy for this or not. Because your goal will be to reach this level, you want to capture a Gible with perfect IVs, which means hitting 15, 15, and 15 in all three categories. That can be extremely tough to do. To make sure you*re capturing a perfect IV Gible in the wild, these are all of the CP values for a perfect IV Gible in the wild.

﹛﹛Level 1 每 CP 15Level 2 每 CP 49Level 3 每 CP 82Level 4 每 CP 116Level 5 每 CP 150Level 6 每 CP 183Level 7 每 CP 217Level 8 每 CP 250Level 9 每 CP 284Level 10 每 CP 318Level 11 每 CP 349Level 12 每 CP 381Level 13 每 CP 413Level 14 每 CP 445Level 15 每 CP 477Level 16 每 CP 508Level 17 每 CP 540Level 18 每 CP 572Level 19 每 CP 604Level 20 每 CP 635Level 21 每 CP 667Level 22 每 CP 699Level 23 每 CP 731Level 24 每 CP 763Level 25 每 CP 794Level 26 每 CP 826Level 27 每 CP 858Level 28 每 CP 890Level 29 每 CP 922Level 30 每 CP 954

﹛﹛If you find a Gible with any of these CP in the wild, it means you*ve discovered one with perfect IVs. Gabite and Garchomp, Gible*s evolved forms, do not work well in the Great or Ultra League, so you*re better off trying to capture a Gible with perfect IVs to use it in the Master League. Alternatively, a Gible with slightly lower IVs that are not exactly perfect but close can still make it a powerful Pok谷mon, and we highly recommend it.