[call of duty black ops 3 ps4]PS4 Exclusives Prove Popular for PC Players on PS Now

07-24 20:31


  1nessisonett3 days ago

  I’ve played quite a few games through PS Now on my laptop even though I have a PS5. Stuff like XCOM and Killzone. It works alright on my internet.



  2Col_McCafferty3 days ago

  Erm, that’s nice.




  3TheFrenchiestFry3 days ago

  I’ve tried PS Now myself. I subscribed when Metal Gear Solid 4 came out on the service and honestly it works alright, the big problem is that it feels way less robust compared to something like xCloud in terms of latency and the mixed bag in terms of streaming quality (and I have pretty damn good internet) and I personally think the constant rotation of games after such short periods of time makes it harder to really invest in the library as a whole, especially the first party PlayStation stuff and PlayStation exclusives. I felt like I was on a really fast timer when it came to playing MGS4 on PC although I think it’s still up on Now for PS4/PS5?



  4Aelurio3 days ago

  Of course they are, this is the reason that many friends have a pc and even so a playstation console, to play their exclusives, the same ones who see no reason to have an xbox.



  5thefourfoldroot3 days ago

  Tried streaming and it didn’t work well. It’s a good service if you have a PS4/5 to download to though.



  6Stragen83 days ago

  Hey now!! Naughty Dogs first masterpiece is Uncharted 2!!!!!



  7ThroughTheIris563 days ago

  @Stragen8 Are we forgetting the Crash trilogy and CTR.



  8GoatArmageddon3 days ago

  Look at all that free money Sony is leaving on the ground by not having a native PS5/PC version of Bloodborne out



  9Snake_V53 days ago

  @Stragen8 Why do most people say that Uncharted 2 was the best Uncharted for the most part? For me I think Uncharted 3 was the best. The Uncharted games after 2 are far more advanced than 2.



  10arra12133 days ago

  not surprising since pc players been begging for bloodborne before the game even came out lol



  11Jeaz3 days ago

  I just find it so strange they still don’t have macOS client for PS Now. Should be a big market with MacBook owners considering they aren’t always that powerful and not a lot of games for macOS. Soon even xCloud will support macOS through the browser.

  The strangest part is maybe that GaiKai that they bought to build PS Now were primarily focused on the Mac market, so the tech has always been there.



  12Mgene153 days ago

  @Snake_V5 Uncharted 2 for its time was the apex of the series. 3 was more advanced but for me and most others, It didn’t hit the same way. still a solid uncharted but in my opinion it just wasn’t as memorable.



  13GADG3Tx873 days ago

  Good. Then as I’ve often said, utilise PSNow and stop giving them native copies. Treat the customers who made your platform a success all these years as first class citizens.

  If the PC crowd really want to play PlayStation games they’ll use it or go without.

  That’s how I’d handle the situation, everybody wins.

  Or if you keep giving PC native copies then risk losing console buyers in favour of PC since then they’ll have third party games, native PlayStation exclusives and GamePass.



  14Saucymonk3 days ago

  I like psnow. It really tickles my fancy.



  15PhhhCough3 days ago

  I’m surprised that, for every gamepass article or comment, no one counters with psnow, even though it came out first.



  16Spyroescape3 days ago

  @GADG3Tx87 Nah, would rather the exclusive pls



  17Stragen83 days ago

  @Snake_V5 Im not sure if you played each of them on release or in the collection pack, but for me, I played each at release and Uncharted 2 was such a step up over U1 and blew so many other games of that era out of the water, especially for action/adventure and storytelling. (Even during the era of tacked on multiplayer, U2’s was fantastic!)

  U3 had better set pieces and graphics and multiplayer. But I felt like the story was a lot more muddy and all over the place. I was overhyped at the time and was really disappointed by it. It wasn’t as big of a jump like U1 to U2 was and the series was coming off of this stellar reputation from U2. For me U2 was the pinnacle of the series. (U4 just seemed to drag a bit once you get to the island)



  18Stragen83 days ago

  @ThroughTheIris56 haha I was waiting for someone to say that. I never played the Crash games and only a bit of Jax and Daxter



  19ThroughTheIris563 days ago

  @Stragen8 Lol, I definitely recommend them, as well as Crash 4.



  20Subsided3 days ago

  I never tried streaming PSNow PS4 games but I tried Xcloud on My PC and Halo 5 runs like absolute poop so I would hope its much better then that but I figure they’re probably both pretty bad at the higher end games, Xbox 360 games ran fine but streaming has a long way to go



  21Richnj3 days ago

  @GADG3Tx87 Are the PS consoles really so bad that no one would play them if it weren’t for the exclusives?



  22Floki3 days ago

  @Subsided The issue at lot of time with cloud gaming is your actual location. I can Stadia and xCloud to run perfectly, but GeForce Now runs like straight dog poop for me.

  Also xCloud for PC is still in beta, so it probably doesn’t run as well as it does on Android



  23Subsided3 days ago

  @Floki even on beta I’d imagine it’s still same servers but ya I certainly hope it gets better, but I’m in Canada and my internet speeds are rock solid



  24The_Pixel_King3 days ago

  Just bring Bloodborne to PS5 and it’ll be one of the most played games there, too!



  25AlienigenX3 days ago

  Understandable, everybody needs to play Bloodborne.



  26Shinnok7893 days ago

  How about a proper Remaster of Bloodborne for PS5 and PC? That would really break the charts.

  Btw, Bloodborne on PS Now doesn’t contain the Old Hunters DLC, nor can you play it separately… practically a very good, very well made piece of the game is missing.

  This is where Sony shows they don’t much care for this service, which is too bad, as it can have a lot of potential, especially given the PS5 stock and overall chip shortages that won’t go away any time soon… this would be a very good time to take some prosumer decisions, invest heavily in PS Now to make it extremely appealing, come up with very good deals and service plans to get people to mass towards it…


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