[Resident Evil Village]How to Get the Mask of Rage in Resident Evil: Village

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  Players need the Mask of Rage to make it to the final boss battle in Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil: Village. Here is where to find it.

  By Eric Studer

  Published Jun 12, 2021


  How to Find the Mask of Rage in Resident Evil Village

  Like all games in the franchise, Resident Evil: Village has doors. And those doors are almost always locked. And those locked doors are usually locked with strange, esoteric keys that the game’s protagonist must trek around to find. The Mask of Rage in Resident Evil: Village?is just one of the many treasures locked behind a door with a strange key.

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  The Mask of Rage in Resident Evil: Village is an item that has to be collected so Ethan Winters can access the final boss in Castle Dimitrescu. It’s one of four masks that together act as a key of sorts. To get the Mask, players will need to do a fair amount of walking.

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  How to Find the Mask of Rage in Resident Evil Village

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  Resident Evil Village Room with Five Bells

  The quest to obtain the Mask of Rage in Resident Evil: Village begins in the room west of the Hall of Joy on the castle’s second floor. Inside, players will find a massive painting of Lady Dimitrescu. Taped to what looks like an unfinished painting of Miranda, players will find a note that reads, “Let the five bells of this chamber ring out.” That’s the clue to solving the mystery of the room.

  Players will need to?find five bells mounted in strange locations. Shooting at them with a?gun will cause them to ring out, and a small flame will ignite. The five bells are located:

  Sitting on a table behind the unfinished portrait.Swinging from a pendulum behind a false wall, also behind the unfinished painting.On top of a bookshelf on the opposite side of the room from the first two bells.Inside the chandelier. Players will need to shoot the chandelier first to get it to swing back and forth.Outside the curved windows behind the massive portrait of Lady Dimitrescu.


  Once all five flames have been ignited, the massive portrait will open, revealing a hidden exit to the castle’s rooftops.

  The next section is relatively straightforward. There is only one route that leads onward, so players will simply need to follow the path. The challenge here is that they will be constantly swarmed by flying bat-human hybrid monsters. There’s a lot here, so it’s important to stock up on ammo before heading outside.

  Eventually, the player will make it to a tall belfry, and on the far side of the structure is a zipline. Ethan will need to defeat the remaining monsters, then hop on the line. The hook will break off in Ethan’s hands when he reaches the other side, but that’s not a problem. Reaching the end of the zipline means Ethan is at the Tower of Rage, the location of the Mask of Rage. Directly ahead sits a marble statue, and interacting with it grants the player the Mas.


  From there, they’ll need to take the Mask of Rage, and the three other masks, back to the Hall of the Four and place each on the appropriate pillar. After that, it’s time to encounter Lady Dimitrescu’s true form in a climactic boss battle.

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  Resident Evil: Village is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.


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