[among us new map]Among Us: Why Banana Is A New Color In The Next Update

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  Many new Among Us update announcements were made during the game’s new roadmap trailer, including the addition of a unique Banana color.

  By Ky Shinkle

  Published Jun 12, 2021


  Among Us Why Banana Is A New Color In The Next Update

  Popular social deduction game?Among Us?recently revealed new?updates coming sometime in the future, including quite a few cosmetic additions. In particular, a new color themed after bananas has drawn attention from fans. Why exactly is the Among Us Banana color being added?

  Although?it was first released in 2018, Among Us only skyrocketed to popularity in 2020, thanks largely to the influence of popular Twitch and YouTube streamers. Since then, the game has mostly maintained its status as a gaming sensation. Though it’s arguably lost some steam in recent months,?Among Us?could see another resurgence in its player base as more large updates continue to roll out.

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  Among Us Why Banana Is A New Color In The Next Update

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  The new?Among Us roadmap was revealed at 2021’s Summer Games Fest. Coming updates will add another map as well as new roles and a Hide and Seek game mode. An achievement system will also be implemented, and many new cosmetic options include visor decorations and, of course, the Banana color.

  Among Us Why Banana Is A New Color In The Next Update

  The new color seems to be part of a running in-joke at InnerSloth, the development studio behind Among Us. Bananas’ many appearances in the game have led to something of a cult following surrounding the fruit among its fans, and it seems InnerSloth is leaning into that with the Banana color. A discarded banana peel appears as one of many hats in Among Us?and is one of the more popular accessories in the game. Now, once the game is updated, players will be able to sport a fully banana-inspired getup. Seeing as player customization is such a large part of Among Us, allowing more room for fans to shape the appearance and identity of their crewmates is always a welcome change.


  InnerSloth has revealed several other new Among Us colors recently, including Rose and Gray. The Airship map, which was added into the game back in March, also provided players with new hats to choose from. Although mods to add extra customization options to the game have existed for quite a while, InnerSloth’s official additions come in preparation for an upcoming update that will increase the maximum players?per lobby from 10 to 15. As Among Us continues to grow and improve, players will have to keep an eye out to spot more references to bananas InnerSloth might just include.

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