[Anime Like Re Zero]Anime Fans!SDCC, E3 and Anime Expo will be canceled underline activities

06-25 15:32

  Text / Yangcheng Evening News Full Media Reporter Shao Yiheng

  For the second consecutive year,San Diego International Anime Exhibition (SDCC) will cancel entity due to new crown epidemic this year.Line for the tradition will only be replaced by offline activities held from July 23 to 25.

  SDCC is an important party

  but,The organizer said,This year, I plan to hold a small-scale offline event in San Diego.The specific date is undecided.The SDCC is expected to be active activities that will be attended next.The organizer also said thatThe SDCC next year is expected to return to normal.

  SDCC was founded in 1970,Initially a small party with comics theme,Nowadays, it has evolved into a huge gathering.According to the statistics,There are 135,000 people participated in SDCC in 2019.As one of the world’s largest animation exhibition,SDCC is an important publicity position of Hollywood large and heavy American drama,During the exhibition, many comics, film and television dramas are announced,Popular IP projects and new film messages in companies such as Mountain, DC, Sony will also announce in activities.

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