[Fandom Re Zero]Raytheon Zero Game This appreciation: 16 吋 2.5K big screen is super cool

06-25 15:38

   Thunder Zero game is now available.For those who pursue the big screen gaming experience,Thunder Zero is really unbaried.It has a 16-inch, 2560 × 1600 resolution, 16: 10 ratio, 165Hz high refresh rate, a wide range of electricity,And with the 11th generation smart Intel Core High Performance Mobile Processor H45 and RTX30 Series Laptop GPU,Can help players enjoy the charm of the new generation of light.This author took everyone to enjoy this new product.I hope everyone likes it. The author of this Raytheon Zero is a silver wing appearance version.Simultaneously,This game also has a phantom version of the episode for players to choose. According to the official introduction of Lei Shen,Thunder Zero game has adopted a new “Kaiyuan” ID language design,I hope to show supernaturalism. Its top cover is designed with a diamond bites and stripes.Part of the texture and beautiful.The top cover is in the center of the position inlaid inlaid in a striking Raytheon logo.You can customize the RGB lamp.The big Zero is located on the edge of the top cover. The rigbed taillights were designed in both heat dissipation tank at the end of the fuselage.To increase the value of this gamebook. In order to make this game more professional,Raytheon specially equipped with a 16-inch professional electricity display,The screen ratio is 16:10,With 2560 × 1600 resolution, 165 Hz refresh rate and the wide range of wide domains,Can provide silky game visual enjoyment for players.Narrow border design,Also let this game realize the full range of up to 91%,The visual effect is further improved.Compared to the 16: 9 ratio screen,Raytheon Zero This 16:10-scale screen can display more content. The camera and microphone pickup hole is designed in the center position of the screen. This game has an RGB backlight keyboard (with separate digital keyboard),Support left, medium and right region backlighting partition display,And support a variety of lamp effects and brightness adjustment. Players can set the RGB keyboard in detail through the Control Center control software that comes into the system. The computer boot key is located in the central location of the keyboard.When the computer is running,The button will light up the new blue light. The upper right front of the keyboard,Also integrated “one button strong cold” button,It adopts orange painting design.Very eye-catching.After opening a strong cold function,The radiator speed will reach the fastest,At the same time, it will accompany a relatively large run sound.This feature is recommended when you run a super-high load application. Integrated touchpad,Personalized pattern is applied. On the right palm, there is an Intel processor, NVIDIA graphics card, Nahimic brand sticker,And the QR code of Raytheon service. The left hand side design of the machine has a heat dissipation toron, one USB 3.1 Interface, one 3.A two-in-one headset in the headset. The machine’s right hand side design has two USB 3.1 interface. A power interface, a network cable interface, an HDMI2 are also designed in the back of the fuselage.0 Interface, a lightning 4 interface, a mini DP1.4 interface. There is a large area of heat dissipation network at the bottom of the machine. After reading the silver wing appearance version of the thunder Zero gamebook,Let’s take a look at the appearance of an orange. The appearance of the phantom orange appearance is made of a striking phantom orange appearance.Compared with the silver wing appearance,The appearance of the phantom orange is more booming.More blow,The return rate is undoubtedly higher! All right,This Raytheon Zero game is here to introduce you.In general, this game has a more obvious innovation in terms of design.For the ultra-innovative aesthetics of Thunder God,How do you feel?Welcome to leave a message.At present, the series of new machines have been raised by Raythe Tmall flagship store.Heart players can buy online,Enjoy the new game!