[Hitman 3 YT]Japanese media vote,Souven-Yoguan Dauxun dubbing role is popular,And Sichuan successfully closed

06-25 15:41


  Speaking of Wenchuan Grand Cereal, everyone is very familiar,After all, the “4 major auxiliary” of the sound is one of them.As a result, it is more early (1985),From Tongxing, it began to discharge dubbing so far.Voice excellent experience,Popularity is also very high,”True Hitman Reborn” like him”Peng Grexion,” The tail of the “Fairy” Jerrar, “Full-time hunter” Sisso is very popular.


  However, if the role of his dubbing is, you must have the favorite one in your mind.Recently, in order to celebrate its birthday, “Welcome is the most popular in the role of Wenchuan Hidong?”Conduct the popularity of popularity,Currently public results:


  1st: and Chuan Chu – “Volleyball Teenage!!”


  And Sichuan is the main will,Although it seems a bit of a feeling,But he is actually a truthful effort.Everyone has to work hard,In the end, it became the top two lectures in the team.The tee technology of Liancheng Mountain is also learned from him.The companions are very trustworthy and relying on him.

  How do you usually say, don’t say,Many fans feel that Sichuan is the most handsome in the game.

  2nd: Kilbert Bambi – “Violet Eternal Garden”


  Kilbert is the boss of the Villet military era.It is also a different feeling about the ‘War Machine Girl’.The last sentence of love moved a lot of netizens,It left a deep impression.

  3rd place: Ferryiano Vargas – “Hetelia Axis Powers”


  Also known as “Italy”,After all, it is the country of Italy.Many netizens said they have learned from this role to know Mr. Rangchuan Dauxi,I didn’t expect that 10 years have passed by Mr. Rangchuan can be equipped so good.It is too powerful.

  4th place: Warm Boixiang too – “I want to tell you”


  Langchuan Dauxi perfectly interpretation of the refreshing, pure, cleaning and handsome image,There is even an evaluation that exceeds the original work.

  5th place: Feng Changtulang – “Wang Zi”


  Sixth: Scott Tereshi – “Thunderbird”


  Seventh place: Shichuan Five Waters – “Lubang II”


  Seventh place: Foregler – “Meiji East Love Game”


  9th place: Sisso – “full-time hunter”


  10th: Yan Shen Eagle – “Yan God Team Bravist”


  The appearance is the combination of the eagle and sports car.It is the number one piece of the roof and red,I didn’t expect this that this carrier is still married and married with the rosy yellow bear.This year’s carrier is able to ‘abused.

  In addition to the roles of the above,There is also a “family teacher” Peng Grene,”Fate / Zero” of Weber Viervitt has many fans vote,I don’t know which role is your favorite?

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