[mega man 11 review]Mega Man 11 gets an October release date and a new trailer

08-15 22:46

  Capcom has announced that Mega Man 11 will be heading to Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch on October 2nd.

  Mega Man 11, the latest instalment in Capcom’s beloved, now-three-decade-old series (and the first new entry in eight years), was announced last December. It combines familiar side-scrolling action-platforming with a vibrant, but divisive, new art style, trading Mega Man’s classic sprites for a blend of hand-painted backgrounds and 3D character models. You can see more in the new trailer below.

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  Mega Man 11’s main addition is the Double Gear system, granting players two new abilities – Speed Gear and Power Gear – that can be activated at any time. Mega Man will overheat if they’re activated too rapidly though, and they’ll be inaccessible until he’s cooled down.

  1Mega Man’s new Speed Gear in action.

  Speed Gear enables Mega Man to speed up, and thus slow down the world around him – useful for dodging missiles or assessing the path ahead. Capcom suggest that newcomers can use Speed Gear to gain “a little extra time to figure out enemy and boss patterns”, while veterans might use it to “expertly maneuver their way around levels”.

  2And now the Power Gear.

  Power Gear is Mega Man’s second Double Gear ability, and is used to charge the Mega Buster and unleash two charged shots at a time. Special weapons – acquired by defeating the eight Robot Master bosses – also gain enhanced attacks when using Power Gear.

  Finally, both Double Gear abilities can be activated simultaneously when Mega Man’s health is critically low, slowing down time and unleashing a massive overcharged shot. This move, notes Capcom, can’t be deactivated, and Mega Man will be severely weakened once it’s over.

  3Mega Man 11, a new amiibo, plus some tat.

  Mega Man 11 will be available in both physical and digital formats when it comes to Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch on October 2nd – and there’ll be a special amiibo Edition for Switch too, featuring the game, stickers, an adhesive patch, a “Stage Select” microfibre cloth, and a newly posed Mega Man amiibo. You’ll find further details on the Capcom Unity blog.