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  If any of the cast from Law & Order: SVU seem familiar, it’s because most have many other roles under their belts. Here are the most recognizable.

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  Ice-T as Odafin Tutuola and Mack Daddy, Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson and Cynthia Hooper

  Law & Order: SVU has gone through a rotation of main cast members throughout its seasons. Fans are aware that a set group of characters and actors have stayed throughout, like Detective?Rollins or Carisi, and that Captain Olivia Benson and?Detective Finn? Tutuola will always grace the small screen of the Law & Order franchise.

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  Mariska Hargitay aka Olivia Benson has been on the show since its first season and fans may wonder what her best work?is outside her dedication to the show. The same can be said for rapper/actor Ice-T and?Christopher?Meloin, who made his return as Elliot Stabler in Law & Order: Organized Crime.


  Joe Kline hosting talk show in The Flash

  Much like the character Captain Cragen (Dann Florek), John Munch, played by Richard Belzer, deserves special recognition. Munch become one of the most beloved characters on SVU who also starred as the same character in the shows,?Homicide: Life on the Street?and Law & Order.?

  Munch made his debut in season?1 of?SVU before making his grand exit in season 15. The show gave fans many memorable Munch moments they will never forget. Comic book fans?likely also know that Belzer is known for his role as Joe Kline in 10 episodes in the 1990’s show, The Flash.

  Raphael sitting in armchair in Supernatural

  SVU has gone through a fair share of changes when it comes to head authority. Christian Garland, played by Demore Barnes, is the Deputy Chief of the department who has full faith in the SVU team. The actor and character joined the show in season 21 in “Down Low in Hell’s Kitchen.” But this isn’t the actor’s most notable role.

  Supernatural fans will?automatically recognize the actor for playing one of heaven’s archangels, Raphael, in the show. He held on to the role for seasons 5 and 6. One of Barnes’s earliest works, he’s most recognized for is the 2006 show, The Unit, as?Sergeant First Class Hector Williams, which he played for three seasons.


  Kat Tamin sitting at her desk in precinct in Law & Order: SVU

  Actor Jamie Gray Hyder is the newest addition to the SVU family as Detective Kat Tamin. Kat was originally introduced to the show assisting the SVU on a serial rapist case before becoming a permanent member of the team. This tough-as-nails detective may look?familiar to fans of the supernatural television genre.

  Hyder is well known for her role as a werewolf named Danielle on True Blood for 11 episodes in seasons 5 and 6. That’s not all, shortly after her role in the show, she?had a role as Lucia Solano in the drama series, Graceland. Besides her on-screen work, Hyder has also?done voice roles as?Lieutenant Nora Salter in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

  Rafael Barba in court room in Law & Order: SVU

  Fans have seen Assistant District Attorneys come and go from the show but none were as memorable as Rafael Barba, played by Raúl Esparza. Barba quickly became a favorite in fans’ hearts, as he proved himself a worthy ADA who?sought justice with compassion and perseverance. Esparza played the role for roughly seven seasons.

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  Esparza has another famed role he’s known for that’s not about justice or doing what’s right. The famed serial killer Hannibal got a reboot show in 2013 with the character of Dr. Frederick Chilton?being played by Esparza. Esparza gave a new nuance to the?psychological character.


  Melinda Warner wearing medical gown in Law & Order: SVU

  Tamara Tunie was actually a guest character in the Law & Order franchise before landing a more permanent role as Melinda Warner. Tunie played the role of a medical examiner throughout various seasons, starting in season 2 of the show. Since her time on the show, she has played various main cast roles.

  In 2018, Tunie became part of the main cast in two separate shows. She plays the role of Julia Smith, a store manager, in the dark comedy-drama, Dietland. At the same time, she also?plays the role of?Assistant Secretary Eunice Clayton in the BBC/Netflix drama series, Black Earth Rising.

  Elliot Stabler at new precinct in Law & Order: Organized Crime

  The prodigal son has returned. Elliot Stabler was one of the original characters from the star of SVU, alongside Benson. Stabler was played for 12 seasons by actor Christopher Meloni. Fans were eager to see his return in a new spin-off show, Law & Order: Organized Crime. Meloni would reprise his role as the hothead detective in the show, while also appearing in the original SVU.

  Meloni has a long list of accolades under his belt aside from being Elliot Stabler. He even played the main role of Chris Keller in Oz.?The actor’s most recent main role was as a disgraced police detective, Nick Sax, in the animated black comedy-drama, Happy!?


  Carisi leaning against bench in court room in Law & Order: SVU

  Before playing detective?turned ADA, Dominick?Carisi on SVU, actor Peter Scanavino may have looked incredibly familiar, to some. That’s because Scanavino made multiple guest appearances on the show before landing a major role. Fans came to love Carisi?for his warm heart, a good eye for justice and surpassed his detective role to become an ADA for the department.

  Playing?Carisi is Scanavino’s major career milestone, as he was known for playing multiple minor?roles on television. He’s often remembered for his appearance in?The Blacklist as?Christopher Maly/Craig Keen in the episode, “Milton Bobbit (No.135).”


  Amanda Rollins is a detective from the South whose a spitfire and doesn’t take injustice lightly. The role has been played by Kelli Giddish since the 13th season. Fans often remember?Rollins and her relationships with her past partners, like Nick Amaro and Carisi. Before landing a permanent role as Rollins, Giddish had another main role on television.

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  In 2005, she was a series regular on the soap opera, All My Children, as Diana Henry. Her second biggest role was as Annie Frost in another police procedural show, Chase, in 2010 for 18 episodes.



  Ice-T isn’t well known for his work on screen seeing as he made a name for himself as a rapper before becoming an actor. His role as Sergeant Odafin Tutola became a fan favorite ever since he made his debut in season 2 of SVU. The narcotics undercover detective put up a shield of being a tough guy but is more than ready to believe and protect a victim.

  Ice-T has a long list of accolades on the big and small screen, but the majority of them are of?him appearing as himself.?If looking for a movie that includes the rapper/actor, in 2000, he played a minor role as Mack Daddy in the fifth installment of the?Leprechaun slasher movies, Leprechaun?in the Hood.


  It’s?hard to?imagine Mariska Hargitay in another role besides Olivia Benson. Since the very first season of SVU, fans have watched Detective Olivia Benson grow to become a strong, dedicated, and?resilient character and Captain of the department. A lot has changed for Benson since her first episode, but Hargitay did have some well know work before SVU.

  Her last main role was as Cynthia Hooper in 1997 the medical drama show, ER. Hargitay also made a name for herself as Didi Edelstein in Can’t Hurry Love in 1995 and Carly Fixx in Falcon Crest in 1988.

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