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06-25 15:51

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  China’s martial arts source is long,It is an important part of our country.Many people like to see the martial arts that kills kills.Stimulating scene hooks,After the bad guys were bundled,It’s a big man.

  Chinese martial arts people are also quite,A lot of people like Jackie Chan, Li Lianjie, Donnie Yudan, Zhao Wenzhuo, Wu Jing and other martial arts stars,I like to watch the movies they take,It’s a sense of justice.At the same time, you can also inspire people’s strong patriotic feelings.


  Some of these martial arts stars are self-study,Some are self-studying of Shaolin Temple,Others are the martial arts competition,Everyone is in a skill,Have your own martial arts feature,Cheng Long also set up his own class,Let more people can accept orthodox training,Cultivate their martial arts skills.

  Wing Chun and Tai Chi,Soft belt just,More suitable for middle-aged,In the morning park every day,Will have elderly to wear a woman who is practicing.In practice,Etroke people.


  Martial Arts Wushu

  Fencing Western Sword,fencing

  Tai Chi Chuan Taijiquan

  WRESTLING Wrestling

  Karate karate

  TAE Kwon Do Taekwondo


  Kendo Kendo

  Judo Judo

  Boxing boxing

  Sumo Sweet

  Kickboxing Thailand

  Kung Fu Kung Fu


  Combat Sport Fighting

  Black Belt black belt

  Belt belt

  Mask protective mask

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