[Ign To MEDIUM]Knight 2 IGN 9 points!64 people Middle Ages slash full of fun

06-25 15:59

  The first person said that the medieval multi-person slashing game “Knight 2” is officially released,Today IGN made a 9-point evaluation,The perfect compromise between slashing and skill-based medieval mensLet the 64 people of “Knight 2” are full of fun.“Knight 2″ makes me enjoy it.In addition to partial balance issues,The game map is quite exciting,It looks great from the shiny armor to the towering wall.And there are a lot of action objectives to maintain the fun of tasks.Whether I am a swing or archery,Fighting can find an incredible balance between the fun and beneficial, skill-based mechanisms.When you reborn,The people around you are desperately pressing the shouting button,You will know that you will usher in a shocking game time.”“Knight 2” simulates the chaos of the epic Medical Battlefield,The player’s task is to rush to the front line of the battle.The game supports up to 64 players’ large-scale battles,It is designed to show the intensity and scope of “illegitimate child” in the “power game”.In addition to using melee and remote weapons,Players can also use a variety of heavy-sized equipment,Including slant guns,Torker machine,Siege hammer,Gun shield,Stabetry trap,ladder,and many more.