[games to play for cash]DreamHack is bringing back its Fortnite Cash Cup Extra competitions in July

08-21 02:12

  DreamHack’s Fortnite Cash Cup Extra competitions are once again making a return this July and they will bring together some of the best players from North America East and Europe.

  Between July and August, there are three separate competitions that are part of this specific run (one on July 14, one on July 21, and one on August 25). To qualify, teams of three need to finish within the top 132 players in the weekly Trio Cash Cups. After teams quality, they are able to play a maximum of 10 games within a three-hour window and the team with the most points (six points are granted for eliminations) will be crowned the champions.

  There is a grand prize pool of $34.5K, but this is split across both the aforementioned regions and across the three separate competitions. The winners will earn $2.1K and teams who finish in the top 20 will have $600 to split between each other.

  You can read more about the competition here.


  Thanks, ESTNN.