[Cobra Kai Disney]Complete Yan New Women’s AESPA debut is the car?But I still have a grass by them.

06-26 15:07

  There is also a pot of friends who don’t know if South Korea SM Entertainment has pushed the new women’s AESPA.This is the SM Entertainment Company since its establishment of the Red Velvet group in 2014.I will push a new woman in six years.It is reported that the new Women’s AESPA will be taken on November 17th.The main song is “Black Mamba”.Continuous hot search,Let the new women’s AESPA earned the eye.


  The first member of the new woman combined with Aespa, the first member of Winter,This year is over 19 years old,It is a Korean member.Winter has both sing and dancing strength,The value is naturally not to say.It is one of the dream temperament in the AESPA of “Complete Yan” Women’s AESPA.


  Posters have not read more than netizens,Recently, there are few old photos of a few Aespa members.However, Winter seems to be well protected,In addition to a suspected 11 years old, he will participate in the old photos of “LPOP Star2”.There is not much private photo exposure.


  But even a few seconds of the lens swept,We are also difficult to find,Today’s Winter is not only more than people,That disappointing sweet smile,It is also very charm.And this top from the ghost designer brand Charles Jeffrey Loverboy’s Beret,Undoubtedly a cutlery in private service.In the lazy autumn and winter season,After the cover of the warm coat,Also don’t forget to prepare yourself a personal beret.


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  Say the second member of Aespa public Karina,Netizens are unfamiliar.The front time is privately vomiting the wind wave of the predecessor’s artist.Some combinations such as EXO and NCT have been implicated.Although there is a company to come out,But it also set off a lot of waves.Nowadays, Karina is officially fair.It is to give a long time to clarify the company.Make the best explanation.


  have to say,Karina is the earliest start to earn a viewer in four members.In fact, before the AESPA,Karina (Liu Zhimin) has appeared on the “Want” song stage of Thai people in 2019.Because the exposure is higher than the other members,So when I released a new female group information in SM,Karina is one of the candidates speculated by netizens.And just announced that there is no more than one week.EXO member Kai Jin Zhongren and Liu Zhimin’s double dance are released,It is also the first stage behind Liu Zhimin’s debut.


  Two important stage styles,Liu Zhimin chose a lotus leaf white shirt with black hot pants,Simple pureness is never done.Most of the time is used as a white shirt,As long as the design is rich enough,Moves the entire shape.And pure small helices,Let the white shirt to steal the mirror without recruiting trouble.


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  It is a good sister that is the same as a group.Liu Zhimin and Winter (Jin Yu Ting) are also a hill enthusiast.But Karina like knitted cap,More casual,The warm effect is also better.winter,Want to do warmth sister paper,Hurry and buy it.


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  The third member of the new girlfrown Aespa announced,It is from China,Just 18-year-old big eyes.Previously,Ningning also is also accused of fans from private accounts.Lev the company’s secret plan.


  Throw away the rumors of the past,Single said that the 18-year-old sister paper isHowever, the strength Vocal in the new female group AESPA.This ningning is actually a small name in China.She has participated in the “baby big winner”, “China Talent Show” and other programs.At the same time, it is also the third quarter of “China’s new voice”.Singing.


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  Seeing this here you have already discovered four members of Aespa,Although it is a perfect color value,But there are fewer fewers have been “black history” by netizens.The fourth member of the fourth member Giselle (Aeri Uchinaga) was exposed to “small mixed.”.But people Giselle may have the shortest debug members in the practice time of SM female love.I received 2 months of training at the college.In December 2019,Assemburities in November 2020,Being RAP in the team,The road to Giselle’s debut can be described as a smooth water.


  In the private photos that have been exposed,Giselle’s pretty girl.Cartoon printing T-shirt,Cute full.I have seen so much,Four members of the new women’s AESPA,Which one do you want PICK?


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