[Garbage Truck Scott Pilgrim]Focus Garbage Category: Garbage is Rubbish, Garbage or TRASH?

06-26 15:15

  Recently, the most widely circulated segment is,Shanghai people have to accept the soul of the neighborhood committee aunt every morning: What is your garbage?Starting from July 1 this year,Shanghai officially implemented garbage classification,This means that Shanghai enters the living waste classification forced era.


  Don’t worry about friends in other cities,Don’t look at the Shanghai people silly,I am going to you soon.Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities have successively legislation,China will soon usher in the new era of garbage.

  Do you want to be a person who is “clever” (hand in hand, can you have a clearance)?Today, Pikachu talks to everyone about garbage and garbage classification.Let you become the most embarrassing of the “garbage classification” crowd.

  First, garbage articles

  Let’s distinguish between TRASH. Garbage, Rubbish three words

  The main Difference is this trash is offen Dry Waste, t. E. Boxes, Paper Bags, Plastic bottle.

  The main difference is thatTrash is often dry Waste,Such as carton, paper bag, plastic bottle.

  Garbage means Wet Waste, t. E. That Can Rot, Such as food. NOW, However, . .

  Garbage means wet Waste,It can be rot,Such as kitchen.however,Now the two words are often interoperable in American English; in English,It is equivalent to Rubbish.

  SO, A Brief Conclusion American English: trash (Paper, Plastic) Or Garbage (Food Waste), BRITISH ENGLISH: Rubbish.

  and so,Simple summary of American English with:

  Trash (paper, plastic)

  Garbage (food trash),

  English English:

  Rubbish (rubbish)


  1 Let’s take another Litter again.

  IF TRASH GARBAGE RUBBISH Are Out of Place In a Garbage Can, And in the street and on the road, IT Automatically Becomes a Litter.

  If Trash, Garbage, Rubbish is not in the trash can,But on the street or on the road,Then they will automatically become Litter.

  Litter – Trash Left in The Wrong Place

  That is to say,Litter is a rubbish in the wrong place

  For Littering, You Can Even Get a Penalty (FINE).

  Rubbish,You will even be fined



  We go to the Word Waste, Which means the dregs, waste, Something Unnecessary, unused.

  Let’s continue to distinguish Waste words,It means residue,waste,Some people are no longer needed.I can’t use something.

  It covers more than just Garbage,There are also those who can’t use it.Shanghai this garbage classification used Waste.



  Next Word for Junk. IT IS Commonly Used When Talking About Junk, TRASH, garbage, t. E. About Things That Have No Value or Completely Unusable.

  The next word is JUNK.Generally does not refer to garbage,It is usually used to talk about garbage,Refers to waste applications that are not valuable or completely unavailable.

  to sum up


  Synynyms Designating Trash, waste, Discard

  They are all synonyms of garbage, waste, waste


  Rubbish Being in Wrong Place

  Waste in a wrong place


  The unused or unwanted items

  waste,No use or unwanted items


  Things That Have No Value

  No value

  These five-flowers of “garbage”,

  Do you understanD?

  Garbage classification

  After understanding the garbage,Just arrived all the traffic bagemation of the Shanghai people suspected life.After all, the trash can,Army big mom standing,I have a penalty of not less than 200 yuan.Which small partner dares to mess?Make clear trash categories,Too important!

  Shanghai’s garbage classification policy is divided into four categories:


  Harmful garbage hazardous workte

  Hazardous / ‘h?z?d?S / adj. adventurous,Dangerous

  That is, the heavy metal, toxic substance, toxic substance, or the environmental hazardous or potentially harmful waste.Such as battery, mercury thermometer, pill and medication, etc.

  Recyclable Recyclable Waste

  Suitable for recyclable life waste.Such as paper (Paper),Plastics,Glass,TEXTILE,Metal (METAL), etc.

  Wet garbage household food Waste

  Wet garbage is perfussed,Vulnerable biomass,Life waste,It is mainly to kitchen waste.

  Dry garbage Residual Waste

  Residual / R?’z?DJL / adj. Store; remaining; residual

  It can be understood that other rubbishies other than the above types can be understood.For example: brick ceramics,dust,Contaminated toilet paper / paper towels, difficult to recycle and have no waste to use value.


  Second, express articles

  Finish,The garbage should be taken out.Spicy,What should I say in English?

  If you want to take out the garbage in your home,It can be said: take out the trash.



  I poured the garbage in the morning.

  If you go out,More commonly used: Put it in the trash can.


  Don’t Drop the Bottle There, Please put it in the trash can.

  Don’t throw the bottle there,Please throw it into the trash can.

  Also pay attention,Don’t use throw the rubbish directly,Throw is used here,More, “invest, throw” mean.Due to throw the rubbish, it is,Put the garbage with a mess,Or throw away.This kind of operation is easy to be punished ~

  Faced to the upcoming garbage classification,This HD version of the Shanghai garbage classification guide,For reference


  At last:

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