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10-07 04:13

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  Pune, 29 December, 2020: It’s no secret that online games have become a new custom in India. With smartphones becoming a basic necessity, the internet followed suit, making them a never-separating couple. As India is progressively moving towards value-driven consumption of goods and services, a lot of emphasis is given to local development. Traditional games like ludo, chess and solitaire have received a great response from online gamers in the country.

  Solitaire is a popular traditional card game that has been played for ages. Just like the old times when games were introduced to new generations by their families and friends, the average Indian online gamer is now usually introduced to online gaming apps and portals by their family or friends. Social gaming communities are created to bring like-minded people together to engage in gaming to relieve stress, interact, and also to win cash online. If you love to play solitaire games, try the all-new multiplayer online gaming app Solitaire Gold.

  What is Solitaire Gold?

  There are many RMG apps on the Indian online gaming market. Solitaire Gold is a great addition for players who know how to play solitaire. It is an online multiplayer gaming platform where anyone can play online solitaire card games by just registering on the app and can win unlimited cash prizes using their gaming skills.

  Solitaire Gold comes with Head-to-Head and League playing formats. Online gamers across the country can compete with each other and take home big prizes. Whether you want to play for free or for cash, Solitaire Gold has something for everyone. Start by downloading Solitaire Gold by clicking here.

  Is Solitaire Gold legal to play?

  Yes, absolutely. Solitaire Gold is completely legal to play as it’s a skill game and the Supreme Court of India has ruled that playing skill games for cash is legal and not gambling or betting. However, some Indian states do not allow real money gaming, including cash solitaire games.

  What makes Solitaire Gold stand out?

  Bonuses: Use the free money you get as a welcome bonus to play cash games and win cash. After registering on the app, you get a welcome bonus of up to Rs. 1500. Make a small cash deposit and play with a bigger amount.

  Multiplayer Format: Solitaire Gold is one of the few online solitaire apps that offer a multiplayer option. Say goodbye to bots. Now you can play with some of the most skilled players in the country.

  Exclusive Offers and Rewards: Apart from the welcome bonus, you will get a lot of lucrative offers on a regular basis. Player satisfaction and quality entertainment are the company’s priority and hence, everything possible is done to deliver the best gaming experience.

  Quick Tips and Tricks

  Practice, practice and practice: It seems obvious but before joining cash games, do play practice games. Never jump into cash leagues or head-to-head matches without practicing first. Sharpen your skills at first in practice games and then move on to cash games.

  Uncover larger stacks first: We recommend you to choose columns with larger stacks first. By targeting the larger stacks, you will find more hidden cards in these columns sooner. It will give you a better chance of finding useful cards early in the game.

  Never empty a column without placing a king there: It’s important to know that only a king can be the first card in a vacant column. If you don’t have a king that can fill the vacant spot, do not remove all the cards from that slot. There is a high chance that the space will otherwise remain empty as long as you don’t get a king. This is a common mistake made by many players but you should avoid that.

  Don’t shuffle cards just for fun: Some players shuffle cards to increase the possibility of card movement but they often end up locking valuable cards behind lower cards. Move cards only when there is a clear benefit of finding a hidden card. Don’t take such steps just for fun.

  Mind the colors: Keep the colors of the cards in mind at all times. Always think a few steps ahead. When it comes to deciding the placement of the king, think about how you will arrange the queen coming next.

  Give priority to aces and deuces: Expert players always use this trick. Whenever you find an ace or a 2 (deuce) in a pile, you should play it right away instead of drawing more cards from the stock. This way the aces can go to the foundations and the deuces will follow shortly after.

  The popularity of a game is majorly influenced by its product features. Solitaire Gold incorporates the features that online gamers used to miss in card games. The maturity of the consumer market has led to the deep penetration of online solitaire games in metro cities as well as local areas. The added bonus of winning cash prizes using one’s skills is making this game widely popular in the country.

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