[King of Avalon: Dominion]Property Transfers

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  The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

  To our readers: The property transfer listings for Amelia, Charles City, Cumberland, and Sussex will be in future editions.

  Caroline, Colonial Heights and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


  702 N 21st St; Alston Christy M to Nelson Ronald L, $310,000.

  1311 N 26th St; Cava Capital Llc to Russo John and Burton Julianne, $398,000.

  1313 N 27th St; Better Housing Coalition to Moore Julius, $192,000.

  1108 N 32nd St; Byrd Deloris M to Dashzeveg Zolboo, $168,750.

  1209 N 35th St; Craft Development Llc to Allder Peter Sr, $374,500.

  1012 W 49th St;, Us Bank Na to Boundaryless Living Llc, $231,000.

  507 S Allen Ave; Simon Berhane and Mesmer Fedaku to Harrison Jullian, $325,000.

  116 S Arthur Ashe Blvd; 116 S Boulevard Llc to Waksmunski Benjamin, $587,000.

  6207 Beaufont Hills Ct; Whesu Olufunke M to Dirickson Amanda Robin and Sam, $235,000.

  1609 Bilder Ct; NVR Inc to Cohen Norman Louis Jr, $375,030.

  1665 Bilder Ct; NVR Inc to Basco Hallel Paraluman Maullon, $325,460.

  2053 W Broad St; Ct 2053 West Broad Street Llc to Dash Investments Llc, $1,975,000.

  1012 Bundy Ave; Integral Properties Llc to Delk Dawson R, $165,000.

  3903 Cary Street Road; Timmons James Kenneth Jr Trs to Henderson William H, $519,000.

  509 Chantecler Ave; Hoyne Benjamin A to 509 Chantecler Avenue Llc, $344,050.

  10 W Clay St; W A G Investments Llc to Piercy Joyce A, $449,500.

  3351 Corley Home Dr; Politano Carlos E to Harton Shannon Michael, $515,000.

  4019 Crutchfield St; Stalder Grant R to Straus Stephen F, $230,000.

  4721 Cutshaw Ave; Reed Patricia A to Ccrii Holdings Llc, $260,000.

  5212 Devonshire Road; Abubaker Sarah A to Lamendola Dane Salvatore II, $530,000.

  16 Dundee Ave; Top Properties Llc to Bustamante Willy Edwin Rojas, $339,950.

  3416 Enslow Ave; Diallo Mamadou to Hammond Riley Katharine, $245,000.

  3310 Forest Hill Ave; Foster Steven R and Donna P to Phillips Nicholas E, $255,000.

  5014 W Franklin St; Cairns Rachel M to Byrd Steven Daniel, $465,000.

  708 E Gladstone Ave; Gladstone 708 Land Trust Susan to Drake Steven, $210,000.

  1021 Goddin St; Rva75 19 Llc to Grebenetsky Andrey, $155,000.

  4409 W Grace St; Kelly James A to Kelly James Joseph, $400,000.

  1604 Greenville Ave; Schoeneman Dorothy S to Conigliaro Samantha J, $286,100.

  4524 Grove Ave, U4; Gorla Barbara to Todd4524 Llc, $215,000.

  3224 Hanes Ave; Avens Otis A to Msquare Properties Llc, $173,000.

  3410 Hanover Ave; Rosendale James A and Monit R to McClellean Arthur Gregory, $450,000.

  2956 Hathaway Road, U703; Lahet Droney Living Trust to White Harold Naylor, $275,000.

  2956 Hathaway Road, U902; Matthews William J and Robin L to Westlake Mark H and Margaret, $390,000.

  3604 Hermitage Road; Wood David H to Barlow James Scott, $375,000.

  3600 Iron Bridge Road; Williams Barbara J to Roberts Dennis J, $168,000.

  4501 Kensington Ave; Armstrong Edward E Jr to Dillard Ella G, $253,000.

  5612 Langdon Ct; Collier R E Inc to Smith Frank C IV and Paula G, $769,167.

  316 W Leigh St; Chan Kam to Oregon Hill Historic Llc, $165,000.

  11 W Locke Lane, U5; Skunda Courtney L to Mgpm Llc, $214,000.

  3005 M St; Rva Sugar Llc to Temple Kimberly Delane, $415,000.

  2508 E Marshall St; Gresham Leticia J B to Middleton Simon, $325,000.

  1107 S Meadow St; McDowell Brendan M to Miller Stephanie L, $191,550.

  3319 Monument Ave; Muse Living Trust Trustees to Griffith Kathleen Branagh, $1,600,000.

  2802 North Ave; Ramallo George to Maka Ogemdi Chigbo, $299,000.

  8920 Old Holly Road; Norris Brianne E to Brooks David and Julie, $298,750.

  4802 Park Ave; Breeding Sarah D to Golliday Carolyn C, $370,000.

  319 S Pine St; Townsend Allen and Susan to Monroe Savanna R, $350,000.

  2333 Pineway Dr; Schurman Kim to Taylor Shana, $263,200.

  7627 Rockfalls Dr; Lee May Lily to Turner Amira R, $520,000.

  1815 Seddon Road; Rivenbark Brenden C and Amanda L to Nawabi Sultan Mahmood, $415,250.

  4210 Southaven Road; Harris Stanley C and Gladys B to Rudd Michael T and Lisa K, $460,000.

  3011 Stonewall Ave; Town Andrew D to Sattuluri Ravi, $375,000.

  4518 Stuart Ave; Glazer Donald Jay to Siegner Scott Andrew, $557,000.

  1105 Sunset Ave; Sullivan Terence to Eason James Christopher, $840,000.

  2900 Vesper Road; Emerson Justin R and Heather L to Stalder Grant, $250,000.

  5093 Warwick Road; White Latisha to Williams Teon, $215,000.

  3257 E Weyburn Road; Bassett Stephen M to Armin Mohamed, $345,000.


  2063 Airy Cir, Henrico; Dail James T to Paelay Pele B and Kelly Ingham, $188,000.

  12400 Amershire Ln, Glen Allen; Carlyle Thomas E Jr and Sharon S to Shehata Yonan Y and Chrestine Shehata, $550,000.

  5832 Ascot Glen Dr, Glen Allen; Whiteside Kathleen P Trustee to Garner Ian C and Deborah A, $575,000.

  10820 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes LC to Chen Fei Yun, $331,240.

  10836 Ashton Poole Pl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes LC to Little Justin, $322,930.

  9104 Avalon Dr, Henrico; Jefferson Taylor P and Sarah M to Macdonald Hunter S and Chiaki O, $430,000.

  2112 Bambacus Rd, Henrico; Clark Katie J to Fox Kirby J and Linh H Ly, $266,000.

  11421 Barrington Bridge Ct, Henrico; Fuson Peter B and Suzanne M to Reyes Jose S and Rozita Z, $887,500.

  120 Beauregard Ave, Henrico; Adams Jacob L Jr and Edith to Mayhew Mayola M, $193,000.

  10650 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Weedon Alexander P and Thais Issa-Weedon to Pakkir Kiran Kumar Reddy and Mamatha Reddy, $452,000.

  1212 Bernal Cir, Henrico; Martinez Jonathan to Robinson Donna M, $295,950.

  5300 Bindery Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Rumuly Maynard K and Melissa A Tanner, $446,949.

  1403 Blue Jay Ln, Henrico; Cameron Elizabeth to Stone Katie, $265,000.

  418 Bonruth Pl, Henrico; Ohallaron Joseph R and Kimberly J to Strawbridge Amanda T and John D Phipps, $995,000.

  8820 W Broad St, Henrico; Var Richmond Ground Llc to Var Richmond Improvements Llc, $5,704,854.

  9800 Brooks Hall Pl, Henrico; Miller Burnett III and Nancy H to Keeney Bruce Bennett Jr and Sarah M, $740,000.

  2315 Buckingham Ave, Henrico; Rich Thaddaeus P and Korey F to Sherrill Franklin Goldwaite III Et Al, $352,500.

  1211 Byrd Ave, Henrico; Watlington John F III to Buono Clement Michael and Elizabeth W, $605,000.

  7914 Capistrano Dr, Henrico; Home Solutions Of Va Llc to Jordan Nicole M and Adam T Brackley, $265,000.

  4804 Charles City Rd, Henrico; Atkins Richard D and Laura D to Plack Vernon Chester Jr, $267,000.

  9301 Claymont Dr, Henrico; Bearekman Stephen C and Brenda P to Real Estate Options Llc, $165,000.

  3225 Conningham Ln, Henrico; Paoli Joseph Owen and Michaele N to Laneave James B and Judith M, $630,000.

  5524 Cottage St, Henrico; Best Amy C to Carrico Justin Silas and Claire Ashur, $280,000.

  1809 Court St, Henrico; Spradling Jared M and Samantha V to Street Georgina M, $190,000.

  505 Dakar Dr, Sandston; Englehart Bruce R and P E B and M E H to Fallin Rachel M, $179,950.

  9720 Deborah Ridge Pl, Henrico; Fidler Melanie Ann to Antourakis Stelious and Allison M Gilbert, $772,500.

  1720 Devers Rd, Henrico; Hall Danny W to Cole Daniel, $230,000.

  4113 Dominion Townes Cir, Henrico; Bryant Christine J D to Carlisle Brittany T, $194,950.

  4400 Duncan Park Ln, Glen Allen; Fortune Sherry and Vernon Dozier to Gupta Arti and Gaurav, $326,000.

  8304 Eden St, Henrico; Nguyen Minh Quoc to Loutfi Maged and Fady Hanna, $278,000.

  3405 Edwardsville Dr, Glen Allen; Netherton Ruth J Trustee to Gifford Guy Alvin and Susan Frances Bagot, $428,000.

  11036 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Simonds David B and Sangeeta R Sastry, $794,885.

  9205 Farmington Dr, Henrico; Cournow Joyce T Trustee to Elshowaia Salwa H, $270,000.

  5817 Fitzhugh Ave, Henrico; Deregibus Daniel I and Kristin L Trustees to Eberline Brianne E and Benjamin S, $535,000.

  4800 Fort McHenry Pkwy, Glen Allen; Tafreshi Hooman V and Svetlana Verenich to Baker Christopher G and Ellen C, $370,000.

  3125 Friars Walk Ln, Glen Allen; McCullough Vickie Lee to Ahmadi Faizullah and Fnu Shekeba, $260,000.

  8217 Galway Ln, Henrico; Engott Raymond A and Leslie to Caudill Catherine and Samuel, $272,500.

  549 Geese Lndg, Glen Allen; Face John G and Barbara J Vosmik to Yin Fei and Wanjie Zhang, $373,000.

  555 Geese Lndg, Glen Allen; Cann Revocable Trust to Gorane Kanulal Bhatu and Harshall Kanulal, $409,000.

  5204 Gower Pl, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II LC to Bice Stuart A and He Wang, $362,820.

  414 Greenbrier Ave, Henrico; Five Star Construction Llc to Cox Todd G, $250,950.

  12104 Greenwick Ct, Glen Allen; Poole Jay S and Michelle L to Trice Matthew H and Ellen Lorraine, $534,950.

  3913 Hallwood Farms Rd, Henrico; McRae Stephanie to Green Jamie Nicole, $246,400.

  3303 Harvie Rd, Henrico; Allen Jackie L to Speller Chenell, $255,000.

  3312 Haydenpark Ln, Henrico; Cook James S to Morelock Amy R, $635,000.

  4766 Hepler Ridge Way, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Bethea Michael Jr and Tianna, $507,690.

  1652 Heritage Hill Dr, Henrico; Millard Arnold I and Virginia A to Dunbar-Brooks Valerie Lynn, $224,000.

  11409 Hilbingdon Rd, Henrico; Whitney Edward T and Anne R to Fountaine David C and Susan W, $439,000.

  225 S Holly Ave, Henrico; Tebow Llc to Bristow Steven L and Kresha R, $199,950.

  8508 Hungary Spring Rd, Henrico; Pair Properties Llc to Ocean Pearl Properties Llc, $215,000.

  2904 Huntwick Ct, Henrico; Jones James Duane and Patricia A to Elphick Dennis Joseph and Carissa, $530,000.

  5001 Hurop Rd, Sandston; Housing And, Urban Development to Cappiello Kelsey N and Timothy W Hatton, $180,000.

  11417 Ivy Home Pl, Henrico; Baxter Stephen P and Susan to Smith Stephen W Trustee, $655,000.

  6004 Jenkins Bluff Ln, Sandston; Mecimore Ted B and Donna N to Berry Jamal and Lakeitha L, $355,000.

  129 N Kalmia Ave, Henrico; Harper Angela L to Shiflett Amber and Jason Koning, $160,000.

  6240 Kershaw Dr, Glen Allen; Muse Mary Ann T Trust to Roland Donald S and Cheryl G, $352,000.

  4204 N Lakefront Dr, Henrico; Sapakota Krishna K and Kamala Tiwari to Pirela Juan J Sayago and Jhanaly K P H, $280,000.

  8504 Lansdowne Rd, Henrico; Corson Russell and Wilma to Egbert Kevin S, $277,000.

  10813 Leabrook Dr, Glen Allen; Evans Bruce K and Wendy Holt Wurlitzer to Katz Lawrence S and Rosa Billisi, $732,500.

  5901 Lewis Rd, Sandston; 5901 Lewis Road Llc to Ir Engraving Llc, $3,000,000.

  5508 Linda Rd, Sandston; Cava Capital Llc to Crewe Marc, $196,000.

  1500 Lochwood Dr, Henrico; Cox George E and Brenda M to Jones Jamal C and Maria and Becky C Moore, $440,000.

  2807 London Ct, Glen Allen; Cartagena Jared F Saez to Rodd William M, $245,000.

  12321 Manor Crossing Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Matta, Uday Kumar and Shilpa Gaddameedi, $425,244.

  12332 Manor Crossing Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Vyas Bhavin Harshadkumar and Sweety B, $404,185.

  2321 Maplewood Rd, Henrico; Coughter Helen E and Christopher C Lillard to Tran Preston Samuel Tin and Chanh T Et Al, $226,000.

  1756 Mary St, Sandston; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Tbt Llc, $220,000.

  3210 Meadow Rd, Sandston; Parker Edwin W Jr and Susan R Powell to Wingfield Robert and Theresa, $246,500.

  2528 Merle St, Henrico; Cardenas Mariana to Skipper Ryan, $161,500.

  705 Midway Rd, Henrico; Stockbridge Companies Llc to Westham Building and Renovation Llc, $160,000.

  3054 Montfort Loop, Henrico; Teets Erin E to Pazos Natalie Maria, $222,000.

  5701 Monumental Ave, Henrico; Hanley Brendan C to Todd Alexandra L and Stuart F Sheffield, $470,000.

  11013 Mountain Spring Dr, Glen Allen; Djukanovic Marissa S and Vladimir to Abbas Marwan Hussein and Mayadah Jalal, $473,000.

  11 N New Ave, Henrico; Mason Andrea Pollard to Schuchart Jessikka Hawthorne, $164,900.

  2024 E Nine Mile Rd, Sandston; Snow Eugene Lee Jr to Page Chaunice Lavonne, $172,000.

  3005 Oakley Pointe Ter, Henrico; Baker Christopher G and Ellen Cupp to Aridi Faissal C and Manal J, $270,000.

  5104 Old Main St, Henrico; Romer Gary to Zagorski Michael and Catherine, $749,500.

  11061 Old Millrace Ter, Glen Allen; Murphy Andrew S and Sara E to Sathiyanathan Dharun J and Elma Jeyasekar, $627,500.

  8505 Pamela Dr, Henrico; Cotzias Joy to Teferi Habtamu Alemu, $290,000.

  1408 N Parham Rd, Henrico; J C Penney Properties Llc to 1408 N Parham Road Oz Fund LC, $3,100,000.

  10420 Park Tree Pl, Glen Allen; Petersen Seth T and Shannon D to Brossy Caroline W, $350,000.

  9 Pickett Ave, Sandston; Howard Sandra L and Richard H Smith to Holley Marybeth and Timothy, $216,000.

  2905 Pinehurst Rd, Henrico; Williams Joseph F Jr to Ward Patrick, $160,000.

  11208 Prescott Pl, Glen Allen; Enslow Keith W and Terrye R Trustees to Ware Aanay and Shweta, $569,000.

  2801 Queensland Dr, Henrico; Messina Mark R and Dwayne G and Tracy to Federal National Mortgage Association, $230,873.

  7064 Ravenscraig Cres, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Day Shanell M and Jermaine, $362,495.

  1412 Renee Ln, Henrico; Cotman Arthur and Kristen A to Tyson Ernest III, $176,000.

  3616 Reynolds Rd, Henrico; Short Tonishia Ninnia to Sampier Santana Rae and Douglas Ralph Jr, $185,000.

  10216 Richmond Rd, Glen Allen; Kelly Brendan S to Minor Barry L Jr and Diamond A Johnson, $300,000.

  6001 Rigney Ct, Glen Allen; Chenault Russell J and J M to Scott Alfred Jr, $541,500.

  5814 W Rois Rd, Henrico; Mea Ira Llc to Joyce Jennifer, $285,000.

  302 Rollingview Dr, Sandston; Fuzy Marcus W and Mary Katherine to Young Sylvia Elizabeth and Joel Stephen, $259,000.

  8561 Roundabout Rd, Henrico; Aigner Travis H to Hardy Allen A, $232,000.

  11071 Ryall Rd, Glen Allen; Cuba Lisa M to McEwen Michael Scott and Corinne, $399,950.

  4824 Saddleridge Ct, Glen Allen; Sun Rui and Zhe Bao to Meredith Tavares M and Rhanelle E Collins, $464,000.

  309 Sandalwood Dr, Henrico; Frazier Thomas A and Phyllis E Trustees to Nguyen Teresa T and Obie Quelland, $865,000.

  3813 Seasons Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to James Ronald, $354,185.

  11930 Shire Walk Path, Henrico; Nero Amy J to Sorkin Vladislav A, $354,000.

  2605 N Skipwith Rd, Henrico; Heims James H to Tu Xuong Chan, $160,000.

  10837 Smithers Ct, Henrico; Smith William A III and S S West and L P S D to Parish-Cowan Claire and Susan L Parish, $233,000.

  8412 Spalding Dr, Henrico; Wehrman Zachary to Glover Matthew C, $260,000.

  9642 Springfield Woods Cir, Glen Allen; Martey David and Alfreda to Lin Yu and Yuan Hang, $181,000.

  2681 St Elias Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Randolph Roderick R, $379,756.

  5 Steam Brewery Ct, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Dance Allen Cumber Trustee, $1,186,534.

  928 Stonemeadow Dr, Glen Allen; Coles Donald M Jr and Kristin L Goforth to Alejandro Edgar O Torres and Mariana C, $260,000.

  2403 Sunnybrook Rd, Henrico; Goodrich Stuart Ellen and Remy F Haentjens to Broaddus Alexander C and Shana M Johnson, $255,000.

  10514 Swanee Mill Trce, Glen Allen; Fennell Breeze and Derek Charania to Natarajan Jayabal Thanjavur, $381,500.

  307 Tarrytown Dr, Henrico; Miller Frank B III and Loretta H to 1009 Atlantic 5 Llc, $550,000.

  8421 Town Hall Ct, Henrico; Neff Andrew W and Teresa W Trustees to Maher Bradley P and Alison K, $310,000.

  12144 Turning Branch Cir, Glen Allen; Barrett John E III and Elizabeth Z to Yonce Haden Christian and Adriana Arellano, $505,000.

  5921 Upham Dr, Henrico; Crunchtime Properties Llc to Goldsby Mary K and Joseph C, $198,975.

  1901 Vandover Rd, Henrico; Mihalcoe James E and Tammy L to Polanco Alfredo J S and Nailin B V, $356,000.

  592 Virginia Center Pkwy, Glen Allen; Shefelton Robert T Sr and Judith to Moore Colleen Crone, $310,000.

  2301 W Wayfare Ct, Henrico; Hamilton Debra E Trustee to Perry Calease and Myrtle Forbes, $248,000.

  6211 West Club Ln, Henrico; Scott Ellen S to Duncombe Michael P and Mary L, $370,000.

  1919 Westmoreland St, Henrico; Westmoreland Investors to Scouting Llc, $2,100,000.

  3817 Wild Goose Walk, Glen Allen; Aldredge James B III and Patricia to Armstrong Stephen A and Iva E, $551,000.

  1914 Willow Cove Cir, Henrico; Speece Marianne C Trustee to Mueller Adrian, $365,000.

  7405 Willow Ridge Ter, Glen Allen; Calaritis Christos to Steele Connor and Lauren Lyons, $310,000.

  7028 Winthrop St, Henrico; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Davis Justin, $239,600.

  7812 Wistar Village Dr, Henrico; Grubb Ralph Estate to Mundie Coleman T and David Rook, $258,000.

  9025 Wood Sorrel Dr, Henrico; Strickland Cleland H Estate Et Al to Perry David Thomas and Kathleen Mistele, $357,500.

  5200 Wythe Ave, Henrico; H90 Investments Llc to Fockler Jack E Jr and Cheryl L, $960,000.


  1101 Alcorn Tr; Collins Lisa Shawn to Boswell Cecilia W, $375,000.

  3006 Appleford Dr; Fields Hansen D and Sheila B to Alexander Tamieka, $247,000.

  1330 Ascot Hill Tr; Homesmith Construction Inc to Mulholland John W and Mary Anne, $600,911.

  11320 Avocet Dr; Coryell Donald E III and Jeanne to Schumaker Peter and Emily, $445,000.

  11506 Bailey Mountain Tl; Arpino Nikki Madures to Ferris Ricky, $220,000.

  9318 Banff Ct; Caban Angel and Cigdem to Lee Angela W and Annorie, $610,000.

  6120 Barrister Rd; Tuminello Joseph A to Light Demario J, $235,000.

  10524 Beachcrest Ct; 2 Gen Holdings Llc to West Brian R and Meghan B, $424,990.

  9212 Beech Hill Ct; NVR Inc to Thomas Jacob and Reena Elsa, $392,595.

  5016 Berkley Mill Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Ginn Zachary A and Jordyn A, $278,010.

  4807 Black Oak Rd; Sec Of Housing and, Urban Dev to Grace David M and April E, $230,000.

  13202 Boggs Cr; Faison Bryan D to Gosline Arthur A and Meghan E, $392,500.

  2731 Bosham Ln; Richmond Wholesale Deals Llc to Decker Anne, $317,000.

  10667 Braden Woods Ct; NVR Inc to Cann Matilda A and Cann K S, $241,330.

  9811 Brenspark Rd; Brogden Priscilla C to Melendez Frankie Junior, $213,000.

  409 Brighton Dr; Masonic Home Of Virginia to Redfern Dana C and Redfern R R, $258,000.

  12132 Brookview Dr; Rock Frances and Kennedy M G to Litaker Hania M, $170,000.

  8017 Buford Cm; Shackelford Brenda P to Tarekegne Abebe, $215,000.

  16072 Cambria Cove Bl; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Heiskell Tanica Lafori, $406,690.

  3337 Cannington Dr; NVR Inc to Hill David S II and La’Macia D, $313,050.

  2121 Carbon Hill Dr; Tuck David C to Fanshaw Steven M and Rachel M, $375,000.

  6430 Cassia Lp; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Owens Richard J III and Aileen M, $299,990.

  7631 Centerbrook Ln; Shepka Todd F and Rebecca A to Dandridge Adam Harris, $302,375.

  1501 Chaplin Bay Dr; Hall Kim D Trustee to Hodge Dale and Glover Tarsha N, $407,500.

  10771 Cherokee Rd; Kauffman A James and Patricia B to Newton Daniel H and Botwinick M, $695,000.

  5501 Chestnut Bluff Rd; Lawston Michael W and Crystal L to Martyn Carolyn and Burks J F, $318,800.

  2506 Chimney House Ct; Styles Douglas W Jr and Jennifer to Lichacz Shawn and Mary Beth, $400,000.

  2911 Clintwood Rd; Dominion Enterprise Llc to Frias Investments Llc, $175,000.

  7800 Cogbill Rd; Justus Bradley M to Ryan Brooke Lynne, $230,000.

  14324 Colonyhouse Bl; NVR Inc to Woods Joan Jennifer, $354,975.

  10530 Cottonwood Rd; Lockett David S to Sage Thomas J and Jessica G, $310,000.

  7012 Crackerberry Dr; Lipes David A and Tiffany S to Prentice Brian J and Lanee J, $429,900.

  13832 Crosstimbers Rd; Hill Natalie F to Wooten Ryan and Kelsey, $260,000.

  13631 Decidedly Ct; McCormack G and McCormack Kara to Jones Terri Aaron and Lavern J, $263,500.

  6442 Doyles Tl; Hhhunt Homes LC to Guy Ladona Nishel D and Daris D, $363,850.

  11607 Drayton Landing Dr; Strum David T and Carrie Lynn to Napolitano Robert II, $305,000.

  11535 Edenberry Dr; Matthews Carolyn F Trustee to Cheatham Mary E and Paulin E, $450,000.

  8301 Elkhardt Rd; Ward Patrick R and Rene B to Dean-Anderson K and Anderson A D, $275,000.

  10818 Erin Green Ct; Haas Jefry J and Kay E to Pegram Daniel W and Samantha A, $275,000.

  13924 Exhall Dr; Lowman Andre and Deborah A to Moore James C and Battle G M, $315,000.

  2301 Farham Ln; Owens Sherita J and Reginald J to Veal Latoya and Walton Jamar, $575,000.

  8408 Firethorne Ln; James John R and Pifer Rebecca E to Torres Escobar Sindy Y, $175,000.

  2801 Founders Bridge Rd; Cote Robert and Teresa to McDonough James P and Jean M, $750,000.

  6135 Fox Haven Tr; Romig David P and Amy B to Thompson Nathan K and Jarman S, $526,000.

  12921 Framar Dr; Cerreto Jack M Estate to Donaldson Richard B III and A M, $530,000.

  6530 Gills Gate Dr; Dickson Raymond L Jr to Jaw Real Estate Llc, $260,000.

  13823 Gorham Ln; Herbert Brian J and Jennifer A to Harris George W and Angela M, $350,000.

  17906 Grand Haven Ct; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Sandhaus Marc D and Lisa G, $738,822.

  13506 Greyfield Dr; Wilson Leeann P to Rodriguez Luis, $294,500.

  5704 Grove Forest Ct; White G Thomas and Hippert M G to Green Stacy-Ann Foster, $312,000.

  14513 Hancock Ridge Ct; Jones Michael T and Julie A to Austin Erin M and Robertson G M, $292,000.

  4000 Harvette Dr; Yancey Bobby T Jr to George Dustin Glenn, $274,950.

  12240 Haydon Pl; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to McGraw Patricia M, $281,940.

  5679 Hereld Green Dr; Brown Tasha Miranda to Shumaker Gregory, $297,000.

  9001 Hollow Oak Rd; Patterson John R and Tracey P to Faison Bryan and Katrina, $460,000.

  17012 Honeybush Ln; Thornton James M and Ballou F S to Meadows Rashan, $465,000.

  7209 Hopkins Rd; Wood-Ovalle Federico A to Ctd Properties Llc, $169,459.

  12111 Ivey Mill Rd; Phillips Justin T and Courtney P to Rieve Royce J and Kirsten J, $525,000.

  9631 Kendrick Rd; Murfee Ernest L Sr and Peggy D to Swansea Llc, $183,000.

  4338 Ketcham Dr; Kontopanos Christopher J and J S to Issa Kasim and Bhatti Adina, $257,000.

  2301 Kings Lynn Rd; Morro Rocco A II and Nancy S to Rennolds Leslie C and Gregory W, $471,000.

  2900 Laketree Ct; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Johnson April M and Michael J, $287,980.

  8424 Leveret Ln; Hawley Toby Scott to Rathert Robert J and Elizabeth R, $231,500.

  11701 Longtown Dr; D R Horton Inc to Mallory Brandon K, $342,290.

  13619 Lucky Debonair Ln; Deer Run Ventures Llc to Taylor Nicklaus and Bennett T, $254,000.

  5749 Magnolia Shore Ln; Chaconas Dorothy to Dupont Lorraine W Trustee, $325,000.

  2525 Maple Hall Ct; Urso James A and Grace K to Winn Robert, $1,310,000.

  4610 Mason Run Ct; Cherry Anthony D to Hernandez Carlos Mario, $179,995.

  5808 Meadowview Dr; Mingloski Linda A to Haley-Bucciarelli Rachel N, $189,900.

  14624 Michaux View Wy; McBurnie David E and Kathy P to McBurnie Michael S and Love M, $300,000.

  12012 Millay Dr; Blough Melanie T to Felvus D L and Connelly K E, $315,000.

  12503 Mount Blanco Ct; Gallant Brandon S and Danielle R to Johnson Donald and Jennifer, $337,000.

  11 Natural Bridge Ct; Bruner Charles Justin to Trek Properties Llc, $205,000.

  15706 New Gale Dr; Solarte James and Karen to Crisafi David, $463,000.

  9816 Nott Ln; Russo Heather Holloman to Mayes Albert M III, $156,500.

  2300 Oakengate Ln; Pomeroy Benjamin B to Bikowski M Andrew and Jacquelyn, $608,500.

  519 Okuma Dr; Michalek Christoper and Sherry M to Feliciano Felicia, $290,000.

  6000 Omo Rd; Moore Justin and Ramos Alicia to Pacheco Jose Matos, $180,000.

  6004 Partingdale Cr; Penfold Robert R and Buzzee P M to Sasser Joseph N Jr and Porter A, $181,000.

  12720 Percival St; West Bay Investments Llc to Johnson Gregg L and Joy Lynn, $301,000.

  11801 Pleasanthill Ct; Donaldson Richard III to Williams Shannel, $270,000.

  6901 Pointer Ridge Rd; Moore James D to Kruger N A and Kruger D M Trs, $185,000.

  11901 Porters Mill Pl; Brooks Stefan R and Tonya A to Bruner Laura L, $242,000.

  1830 Providence Villas Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Jenkins Joseph III and C C, $377,374.

  12137 Quito Rd; Salisbury Suzanne Marie Et Als to Booker Trudy and St Louis B, $260,000.

  4602 Red Chestnut Ct; Baez-Murphy Julio C to Duvall Jessica A, $267,500.

  11902 Rimswell Tr; Willis Daron T and Ashley D to Turner-Smith Lolita A, $297,000.

  14331 River Rd; Harcrow Donald Lance and Christy to Hays Jason W and Daphne C, $600,000.

  1029 Robmont Dr; White Barbara to Arguello Jimenez Bolivar Et Al, $220,000.

  6725 Sailors Creek Ct; Suiter Craig T and Jacquelyn B to Cortez Jose Luis, $310,000.

  10606 Sarata Ln; Jones Lonnie L and Karen M to Maggie Walker Comm Land Tr The, $182,500.

  4655 Selwood Rd; Spill Jonah S and Jordan K to Nelson Mark C and Jacquelyn E, $250,000.

  5400 Sherman Pl; Connor Charlie A III Et Al to Cuya Owen, $215,000.

  13413 Silverdust Ln; McCormick Jouquin C Sr and D L to Rush Rondell and Rotunda, $425,000.

  4310 Soundview Ln; Austin Diane Carolyn to Dalton Casey W, $260,000.

  2901 Speeks Dr; Griffith Dustin J to Benitez Elias Daniel Quintana, $230,000.

  6007 Springbank Rd; Rhoten Nelson L to Lighty Quesha D, $190,000.

  3504 Sterling Brook Dr; Pileski Michael and Kayleigh to Dixson Ricki L II and Lakenisha, $265,000.

  6261 Strongbow Dr; Hicks Richard C Jr to Childress Robert D and Amy C, $533,000.

  11321 Sunfield Dr; Scrobe Daniel V Jr and Elaine L to Prince James Llc, $180,000.

  13601 Swale Ln; Watson Alan J III and Joanie D to Howard Patrick S and Houston M M, $260,000.

  2906 Talleywood Ln; Fleming Roy A Sr and Kimberly G to Oros Alan Ramirez, $291,000.

  3809 Terjo Ln; Rhodes Richard A to Raborg Tanner C and Tiffany A, $229,400.

  13701 Thornhill Tr; Shornak Todd J and Susan D to Sobrito Jennifer, $310,000.

  10929 Timonium Dr; Kennedy Stacy M to Gates Michael, $180,000.

  5010 Tulip Oak Rd; Maldonado H F and Maldonado H F to Rudden Sarah, $258,000.

  18275 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes LC to Lewis Brian G and Cromwell K A, $493,340.

  5000 Vauxhall Ct; Sommerville Betty Lee to Kumkam Nicole Sammy, $200,000.

  14405 Walthall Dr; Simard Philip H and Gretchen to Pritchard Samuel D, $345,500.

  112 Water Pointe Ct; Coffman Rita C Trustee to Barazarte Daliana Cristina S, $194,800.

  12517 Wescott Dr; Hhhunt Homes LC to Smith Stephanie Neal, $303,225.

  14020 Westfield Rd; Mitchell Elfriede R to Widener Kevin, $265,000.

  6701 Whisperwood Dr; Maaroufi Youssef and Seyouri M to Minor Antonio Darell, $350,000.

  1531 Winbury Dr; Harrell Timothy S and Heather E to Desantis Andrew and Warwick E, $330,000.

  14313 Winter Ridge Ln; Lawson D L and Gautreau G C to McCall Charles, $350,000.

  11412 Woodland Pond Py; Lewis Stephanie R to Sosa Ewald and Louise M, $591,589.

  8620 Woodward Dr; Bear Oak Properties Llc to Thomas Brandon Lamichael, $264,000.


  8027 Anton Trace, Mechanicsville; Dennis R. Manning Jr. to Tyler Ponte, $220,000.

  11426 Ashland Park Drive, Ashland; Matthew L. Meier to Edward Harrison III, $365,000.

  20079 Beaver Dam Road, Beaverdam; Aspiring Development LLC to Steven Wayne Roberts, $26,500.

  14991 Bethaney Estates Way, Montpelier; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to Andrew Jacob Giannini, $562,210.

  8394 Brittewood Circle, Mechanicsville; James D. Crafton Jr. to John Tyler Darden, $525,000.

  14546 Bud Lane, Glen Allen; John L. Atkinson to Scott A. Rogers, $830,000.

  10031 Cedar Springs Lane, Mechanicsville; Arthur W. Underdown to Blake Arthur Underdown, $300,000.

  10100 Cool Hive Place, Mechanicsville; Angela H. Lorren to Rukije Hasani Zejnullahu, $295,000.

  5080 Crown Hill Road, Mechanicsville; Charlotte J. Sumpter, trustee to Daniel T. Evans, $390,000.

  7275 Edgeworth Road, Mechanicsville; Alexandra C. Hughes to Andrew Beaulieu, $175,000.

  9248 Fairfield Farm Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Sally Brooke Sanders, $474,240.

  9076 Garrison Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Matthew Gay, $434,500.

  8409 Green Retirement Lane, Mechanicsville; Robert M. Fauteux to Michael W. Housden, $515,000.

  6393 Harbour Mist Lane, Mechanicsville; Michael W. Housden to Connor Rae Pratt, $385,000.

  9826 Harvest Honey Road, Mechanicsville; Robert P. Mann to John D. McIntosh Jr., $414,000.

  205 Howard St., Ashland; William Edward Burnett jr. to Robert B. Ek, $310,000.

  10101 Izer Court, Mechanicsville; Craftmaster Homes Inc. to Andrew Barrett Lowry, $663,474.

  406 John St., Ashland; R&DMC Inc. to Cheryl A. Enroughty, $164,030.

  9415 Kenna Way, Mechanicsville; Stephen Craig Myers to Jacob Christopher Bashore, $370,000.

  213 Lauradell Road, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Elizabeth Baxter, $407,293.

  7101 Lighthouse Place, Mechanicsville; Matthew B. Pierce to Todd Nelson Rettig, $325,000.

  7378 Luck Ave., Mechanicsville; J. Wayne Munn to Douglas Temple Gray III, $21,990.

  7741 Marshall Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Alan Todd Anderson to Shawn E. Scott, $310,000.

  7408 Melissa Paige Circle, Mechanicsville; John A. Walker to Pablo Mosegui, $290,000.

  18430 Mountain Road, Montpelier; Michael Cooper to Mark S. Castro, $475,000.

  6014 Northfall Creek Pkwy., Mechanicsville; Patricia P. Sullivan, trustee to Matthew S. Talley, $335,000.

  10532 Orchard Blossom Drive, Glen Allen; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Susan C. Deck, $417,990.

  10548 Orchard Blossom Drive, Glen Allen; Style Craft Homes Inc. of Virginia to Paul K. Kelley, $400,615.

  16146 W Patrick Henry Road, Montpelier; 414 Roseneath Properties LLC to Michael Joseph Pajaczkowksi, $200,000.

  10713 Providence Park Drive, Ashland; Kathryn J. Brackmann to Brandon M. Brugh, $449,950.

  8357 Raven Run Drive, Mechanicsville; Michael C. Latham to Martha L. Kluge, $260,000.

  9300 Rudders Point Cove, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Maria Faith Jones, $524,755.

  7456 Shire Parkway, Mechanicsville; Charles S. Gittings to John Fellows, $235,000.

  7239 Snaffle Drive, Mechanicsville; Tyler S. League to Megann Taylor, $256,500.

  Southerly at Caldwell Park; HHHunt Caldwell LLC to Craftmaster Homes Inc., $924,000.

  9029 Spring Green Loop, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Lisa Beiler, $337,380.

  6304 Studley Road, Mechanicsville; Mary Gayle Brittingham to Bradley Beach, $670,000.

  120 Sunny Drive, Ashland; James Cianciolo to Kevin A. Flores, $275,000.

  220 Thorncliff Road, Ashland; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Kathleen Lyons Vormack, $481,803.

  901 Virginia St., Ashland; John J. Datovech to Andrew Molloy Jr., $325,000.

  7415 Washington Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Kevin Opland to Stephany N. Becton, $250,000.

  17080 Whitehouse Farm Drive, Beaverdam; John Fitzgerald to Michael Richardson, $365,000.

  11293 Winding Brook Terrace Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Nicole T. Reed, $259,300.

  19102 Woodson’s Mill Road, Beaverdam; Jordan J. Pinna to Aryn L. R. Gentry, $515,000.


  1.34 acres; Charles M. Bennett to Jonathan A.D. Sparks, $180,000.

  10.075 acres, Glenwood Farms; Grey Ridge Builders LLC to Lee M. Singleton, $160,000.

  14 acres; Robert W. and Sidney C. Enger Revocable Trust to Thomas N. Moulis, $775,000.

  2 acres; David L. Bonds to Rachel Marie Daniels, $300,000.

  2.734 acres; Luther A. Carroll Jr. to Ronald E. Blevins, $220,000.

  22.98 acres; Ruth R. Call to Darren E. Jones, $162,200.

  4 acres; Skinquarter Properties Ltd. to Michael Joseph Sanson, $399,500.

  6.090 acres; James P. Zuraf to Kenneth S. Silverman, $359,000.

  Lot 11, Section 1, Canterbury Farms; Huguenot Woods LLC to Derek Evans, $275,000.

  Lot 3, Macon Village; Brandon S. Bishop to Tyler A. Cepada-LaPorte, $225,000.

  Lot 6, Section 1, Canterbury Farms; Huguenot Woods LLC to Thomas K. Linton, $307,500.

  Lot S7, Red Lane, 1.32 acres; Metro Investment Partnership to Johanna Elizabeth Conner, $210,000.

  Parcel; Dupont Homes LLC to Brandy S. Elder, $265,500.

  Parcel 7, Glenwood Farms; Grey Ridge Builders LLC to Kellett M. Babb, $170,000.


  1.4 acres; William H. Roseberry to Andrea P. Bustos, $205,000.

  10.366 acres; Michael Biase, devisee to James C. Hamilton, $240,000.

  15.406 acres; CMH Homes Inc. to Jose Luis Cruz Chapparo, $227,500.

  3.504 acres; James V. Cottle to Wendall T. Pugh, $369,950.

  32.476 acres; Teresa Ann Lucas, trustee to David R. McGeorge, $1,375,000.

  44.444 acres; Ruth K. Denham to Kenneth R. Devault, $620,000.

  62.35 acres; James A. Zimmerman to Charles J. Ferrell, $490,000.

  Lot 5, Reva Ridge; William Edwin Miller III to Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC, $157,000.

  Lot 7, Block A, Section A, Bellview Gardens; Joyce K. Beck to Joseph Triolo, Upton, $375,000.

  Lots 16 and 19, Section B, Rockville Commerce Center Industrial Park; Rockville Commerce Center LLC to 2350 Greystone LLC, $802,440.

  Lots, Section 4A, Mosaic at West Creek; HHHunt Mosaic LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $2,154,845.


  3201 Denise Road; Nicolas A. Warren to Cynthia D. Potts, $255,000.

  473 Forest Lane; Eric A. Simmons to Rodney Robinson, $183,000.

  1106 Normandale Ave.; Manu N. Bhagat to Elijah Estaphan Golden, $163,000.

  1802 Varina Ave.; Ayman Karam-Calda to Richard West, $201,500.

  1637 Wilton Road; Citizens and Farmers Bank to Willie Earl Wells III, $159,900.


  29 acres; Lees Branch LLC to Juan Leonel Carrera, $240,000.

  33.8 acres; Jerry L. Kennon Jr. to Jerry L. Kennon Jr., attorney in fact, $429,000.

  65.8 acres; Jerry Haywald to Edwin Grube, $163,400.

  95.34 acres; Frank J. Stech Sr. to Madison A. Martin, $196,400.

  10 lots; H. Keith & Ken Henshaw Contractors Inc. to Billy C. Ross, $252,900.

  Lot 114, Section 4, River Run; Manuel N. Alvarez to Matthew W. McDonald, $260,000.

  3 parcels; Renee T. Cockrell to George T. Elder Jr., $350,000.


  3706 Brandywine Drive; Chad E. Ransom to Kyle Scott, $194,000.

  102 Colonial Drive North; Kevin Hamel to Stephen Leander McClease, $215,000.

  3600 Galena Ave.; Christopher C. Brown to Haron Izhour, $175,000.

  2209 Pickett St.; Shawn Grant to Leanna Henderson, $153,500.

  3404 Sussex Drive; Jacklyn D. Hackley to Kosema Nicole Worthy, $164,000.


  8227 Brown Ave., West Point; Lacey M. Conner to Jamie Nichole Harmon, $285,000.

  1199 Cosby Mill Road, New Kent; Thomas Robinson to Justin Adkins, $240,000.

  7730 Flowering Magnolia Lane, Quinton; Gregory W. Perronie to Kenneth D. Holley, $365,000.

  4215 Good Hope Road, Lanexa; Joshua L. Hilsendager to Patrick B. McNally, $418,560.

  11745 Kings Pond Drive, Providence Forge; M.V. McClure Inc. to Jennifer L. Bell, $566,791.

  11181 New Town Road, New Kent; Jona Franklin Goins to Michael A. Reed Jr., $219,000.

  8217 Old Roxbury Road, Quinton; Victoria L. Campbell to Chelsea F. Whitcomb, $275,000.

  6483 Pine Straw Lane, Quinton; W.V. McClure to Grayson R. Speas, $409,950.

  2404 Prince Andrew Court, Quinton; Terry/Peterson Residential 31 LLC to Clarice L. Meredith, $238,030.

  8872 Rock Cedar Road, New Kent; BMR Investments III LLC to Deja Jones, $265,000.

  7691 Shortleaf Pine, Quinton; M.V. McClure Inc. to Sonya R. Brown, $473,236.

  6614 Tetotum Trail, Providence Forge; Terry L. McKinney to Michael A. Rowe, $415,000.

  4155 Virginia Rail Drive, Providence Forge; Michael D. Broz to Edward Godfrey Jenkins, $406,000.

  10863 White Dog Drive, Providence Forge; Luralene C. Knorr to Tariq Bennani, $266,500.

  10777 White Dogwood Drive, Providence Forge; Brian M. Fothe to Robert Eugene Beran Sr., $258,400.

  1431 Yakima Court, Quinton; Shurm Construction Inc. to Gayle Humphrey Williams, $351,807.


  7516 Brookshire Drive, Prince George; Roderick M. Compton to Alton Leon Mickle Jr., $280,000.

  1918 Chemin Road, South Prince George; Panayiotis Jabri to Martina Santana Boyd, $207,000.

  2574 Fountain Ridge Road, North Prince George; Kevin B. Stidham to Jennifer Cooper, $345,950.

  10481 Jordan Parkway, North Prince George; Thomas O. Wilson to Richard T. Grainger, $525,000.

  4317 Mica Drive, Prince George; Warren L. Johnson, trustee to Philip J. Polihrom, $312,300.

  7216 W Quaker Road, Disputanta; Brian D. Ellwood to Vanessa L. Vickers, $300,000.

  3607 Stonemill Drive, Hopewell; RJ Ross Inc. to Floyd O. Powers, $235,000.

  5517 Takach Road, Prince George; Adian Olkonen to Derreck Darden, $265,000.

  7809 Wind Rock Lane, North Prince George; Monique S. Head to Johnny F. Ramirez, 279900.


  1.765 acres; Joseph A. Farmer to Benjamin S. Rennolds, $350,000.

  4.73 acres; Paul J. Powell to Brandon Scott Dease, $249,900.


  45 E Chinquapin Road, King William; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Leslie E. Wells Jr., $299,785.

  69 Fairmont Place, Aylett; HHHunt Homes LC to Joshua David Murley, $260,675.

  35 La Mae Circle, Aylett; William F. Johnson Jr. to Michael Barrett, $239,950.

  3076 Nelson’s Bridge Road, Hanover; Thomas G. Dicken to Meaghan Alexandra Neale, $194,000.

  362 Oxford Lane, King William; Christopher Rappoldt to Jonathan R. Hague, $240,000.

  6728 E River Road, King William; William R. Brizendine to William Dakota Jacobs, $323,000.

  3115 Taylor Ave., West Point; Montice D. Fenton to Sarah E. Arnhart Sanders, $165,000.

  860 Westwood Court, West Point; Jon C. Martz to Jessica M. Bolt, $245,000.


  938 Jamestown Road; John J. Adzima to Matthew Lee Menefee, $215,000.

  4055 Northridge St.; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Eve Ellis, $363,605.

  225 Woodmere Drive, Unit A; Beatriz B. Hardy to Kil Hyon Daup, $215,000.


  9436 Astilbe Lane, Toano; NVR Inc. to Kathleen Kreutzer, $299,195.

  103 Black Oak Drive, Williamsburg; Maureen L. Bates, trustee to Howard G. Sheldon, $479,125.

  103 Briar Lane, Williamsburg; Maksym Lytus to Gabriel Koz, $205,000.

  129 Captaine Graves, Williamsburg; Kramer J. Weissenborn Jr., trustee to Wiley F. Mitchell Jr., $712,500.

  4808 Courthouse St.,, Unit 203, Williamsburg; GBA LLC to Commonwealth Golf Asset Management LLC, $205,000.

  132 Elizabeth Harrison Lane, Williamsburg; Samuel Clear to Jared D. Schultz, $410,000.

  119 Formby, Williamsburg; Steven Mark Constantino to John David Bloom, $780,000.

  2008 Genevieve Trail, Williamsburg; Chestnut Grove Development LLC to Leticia Lage Segura, $190,000.

  1536 Harbor Road, Williamsburg; Brenda L. Snow to Alton L. Jones Jr., $1,600,000.

  4404 Harrington Commons, Williamsburg;, U.S. Home Corp. to Keith Andrew Kramer, $400,000.

  1133 Hitchens Lane, Williamsburg; Richmond Norge LLC to Paul G. Neal, $499,539.

  3016 John Vaughan Road, Williamsburg; Kent E. Darrah to Robert A. Stocker, $640,000.

  3405 Liberty Ridge Pkwy., Williamsburg; JCC LLC to Gregory N. Miller, $950,000.

  4460 Lydias Drive, Williamsburg; Stephen C. Thormahlen to Rick J. Avera, $175,000.

  4516 Misty Court, Williamsburg; Michael A. Hendricks, trustee to Adam Herman, $208,000.

  3609 Nelms Lane, Williamsburg; Citibank to Amanda Redfern, $308,700.

  4220 Old Lock Road, Williamsburg; Katharine N. McGinnis, trustee to Michael B. Sullivan, $391,000.

  920 Pheasant Run, Williamsburg; Judith Paulette Blair Murphy, successor trustee to Thomas Serrante Jr., $183,800.

  202 Prosperity Court, Williamsburg; James P. Ahearn Jr. to Brian J. Emmen, $245,000.

  3301 Queens Path, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Richard Besnier, $277,675.

  1883 River Oaks Road, Williamsburg; Cornelius F. Griffin, trustee to Thomas W. Saling, $725,000.

  9635 Rock Rose Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Richard Lee Smith, $382,760.

  201 Royal County Down, Williamsburg; David B. Schulker Sr. to Alene Louise Arnott, $675,000.

  406 Settlement Drive, Williamsburg; Richard Anthony Rummage, trustee to Joseph D. Carr, $180,000.

  1666 Skiffes Creek Circle, Williamsburg; Rachel Polasek, co-conservator to Joanne Carter, $160,000.

  4308 Stylers Mill Crossing, Williamsburg; Kenneth J. Quinlan III to Hector Luis Adames, $575,000.

  8904 Thomas Higgs Court, Toano; Benny L. Lacks Jr. to David G. Osman, $300,000.

  Unit 512, Conference Center Condominium; Augst Family LLC to Daniel John Massoni, $380,000.

  6567 Westbrook Drive, Williamsburg;, U.S. Home Corp. to Andrew John East, $419,390.

  4928 Westmoreland Drive, Williamsburg; Thomas G. Leitch to Casey T. Stabler, $383,000.

  4128 Wiffet Way, Williamsburg; Peter J. Zucker to Percy B. Hattorf, $339,000.

  118 Winterset Pass, Williamsburg; Bradley A. Waltrip to Jolee Kris Nieto, $168,900.




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