[kratos god]God of War: How Kratos Finally Accepted His Destiny After Leaving Greece

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  In God of War: Fallen God, Kratos finally surrendered to his past, but that hatred makes him the perfect shield against the gods.

  By Amer Sawan

  Published Jun 15, 2021


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  WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from God of War: Fallen God #4 by Chris Roberson, Tony Parker, Dan Jackson and Jimmy Betancourt, on sale now.

  Kratos’ time in the land of the pharaohs has come to an end, but his larger journey is just entering a new phase. After traveling the world to escape Greece following his destruction of the Olympians, Kratos found himself not just haunted by his past, but hounded by it. No matter where he went, the blades of chaos that had ended so many lives followed him, a constant reminder of everything he had done.

  Now faced with an enemy that would kill him without it, Kratos had no choice but to embrace that destiny, even if he despises it in God of War: Fallen God #4.


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  When he left Greece, Kratos made a point of trying to avoid any reminder of his past, seeking some sort of peace that always eluded his grasp. He would go for long stretches of time without sleeping, not?only because he always dreams of the day that he became the Ghost of Sparta, but also because the blades were there waiting for him when he awoke. But this was not moving on from his past so much as denying it ever happened in the first place. Try as he might, he needed to embrace it to survive what came next.

  His arrival in Egypt put him on a collision course with a chaos beast, a massive creature that was terrorizing a local village. Faced with this monster, Kratos had no choice but to engage it. Without the blades of chaos though, Kratos was quickly overwhelmed and knocked out. He awoke in a dream world where he was met by Athena and Thoth who told him that what he saw as a curse was in fact his great and terrible purpose. Though they did not elaborate on what specifically it was, it seemed fairly clear that Kratos was meant to act as a shield between the mortal world and the wrath of the divine.


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  Faced with the choice of death or acceptance, Kratos chose to pick up the blades again, even if the very act made him sick. He then wielded them to properly destroy the chaos beast, turning around a fight that was once stacked against him. With the creature felled, Kratos continued on his way, lamenting that he could never truly escape this world. It was his own personal Hell, and no amount of distance traveled could change that fact. So he kept moving on, eventually finding himself in the land of the Norse gods.

  But Kratos taking up the blades is not so much acceptance of his past as much as it is surrendering to it. He realized that he had no say in whether or not he could escape the reminders of his crimes. And so even though he accepted them back into his life, it was born out of tired resignation. He cannot escape the memory of it. He hates his past, hates the gods, but most of all, he hates himself. The hatred is the only thing keeping him going though and a time passed, Kratos would eventually find the peace he sought; he just had to keep going a little further.


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