[Kind of nuts]NUTS: Nordic style,Popular foliage shopping center

06-28 01:09

  Dressored down jacket,Style novel coat,Chic loose jacket,Bright and soft lights . in the winter of thin rain, cold wind,Into the “NUTS” store in the first floor of Huacara shopping center.When a warmth, he hit it.Just like a small squirrel that foraging in ice and snow.Finally found a corner of the nuts,I can’t help but stop the footsteps,How to think about how to “have it”.


  Perhaps because of the reasons for tones and spaces,There are not many clothing in the store in the store.Let this area of 80 square meters look spacious, simple and bright,The style is like a young and stylish flower mall.

  10 o’clock in the morning,Short store just opened the door,Young girl has three or three two couples come,Turn over the clothes of various styles,Get replace it in the fitting room.


  ”NUTS brand concept” from the Nordic design style,Strive to reflect the ‘minimalism’ of life in the fashion women’s clothing.”Ms. Guo Guo, said,”NUTS” is an abbreviation of the “Northern Europe Unique Tempting Style”It means “Nordic unique charming style.”Brand is interpreted by simple interpretation,Advocating the design concept of “small is much, no time is”,Interpretation of women gentle power; with high cost-effective products,Let the clothing can bring warm care,It also makes the wearer feel the “self-confidence and strength given by the female robes armor”; advocating comfortable and natural, simple and generous, free and independent lifestyle.


  According to Ms. Guo,Brand’s creative inspiration,From the American Disney Classic Film “Ice Century”.In the film,With a squirrel, a madness of a nut is obsessed withThrough the moving line of the whole film.”NUTS” is the theme element of the brand,Symbolizing the simple ideal life attitude of Nordic,Simultaneously,Also in leading the “NUTS” consumer, the yearning and pursuit of this living state.


  Due to the pursuit of minimalist Nordic design concepts,”NUTS” overall style insists on solid color tones,Tailored with comfortable fabrics and neighborhoods,Advocate new fashion ideas,Integrating with high-end fashion styles into mainstream people wearing demand,Make fashion and persistence in a series containing basic fashion elements, modified classics and the latest trends.


  In the store design,”NUTS” integrates modern architecture and classical art design elements,In a gentle warmth,With contemporary texture,Make the store everywhere to refract out unique “collision spirit”,It doesn’t lose artistic texture.

  According to reports,”NUTS” brand is the first time in Guiyang,November 1, 2019 in the flower garden.The reason why the Hua Guyuan Shopping Center is selected.Because there is a huge flow of people here,Another young, fashion and trend of new IP,Young female consumer group positioned with the brand is extremely fit.

  Although the opening time has just opened,But “NUTS” has already had a good passenger flow.”Some customers will purchase 4 pieces,It is very recognized to clothing quality and brand culture.According to the clerk,Due to the recent winter,After the temperature in Guiyang has dropped,The sales volume of clothing is also increased daily.


  ”The brand name is ‘Nut’,In fact, there is still another layer.Ms. Guo believes thatJust like the mouse is born to rice,Young women pursue beauty,In fact, and squirrels are the same as the desire of nuts.And “nuts” to do,It is a little sister who loves beauty.Continuously provide “one that is always poor in the wardrobe.”


  Talking about the future development,Ms. Guo is confident.”I look forward to the construction of rail transit line 3,After opening, the huge amount of “squirrel little sister” is coming.”Thus, let this emerging brand,Realize a win-win development in the central area of the flower orchard.

  (Cui Jinsong / Wen Week Overview / Figure)