[Monster Hunter: World]Monster Hunter World: 10 Mistakes Most Players Make On Their First Playthrough

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  Monster Hunter World is newcomer-friendly for Capcom’s franchise, but it can still be overwhelming. What are some common beginner mistakes?

  By Jacob Buchalter

  Published May 25, 2021



  With Monster Hunter Rise selling quite well, people have got this beloved franchise back on the brain, and it’s bringing a lot of new players to the series as well thanks to it being on Switch. By the way,?check out these guides for a bit more help for MH Rise. But, what about PC players who want to get into the Monster Hunter IP? Well, sadly, they’ll be waiting for a PC Port for quite a while, early 2022 to be more specific. So, in the meantime, it might be time to finally give Monster Hunter World the shot it so justifiably deserves.

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  That said, even if?Monster Hunter World is a lot more courteous to new players in terms of not overwhelming them, it’s still overcomplicated compared to most other games. So, here are ten?crucial mistakes?that newcomers to the game tend to do?during their first playthrough.


  First, you just need to know that Monster Hunter is best played with friends or online. It’s a fantastic experience single-player, but it becomes exponentially more fun running around slaying Monsters with a group of friends. It’s one aspect of the games that other developers are finding exceedingly difficult to imitate. That said, while you can’t really “hurt” your teammates during an expedition, you can annoy them to no end by:


  Staggering them with your attack if it clips them.Tripping them with an attack.Launching them into the air with big attacks.Knocking them off the monster while they mantle it.

  The online community for MH isn’t known for being toxic, but interrupting your teammates will absolutely bring that out that side of them.


  On the subject of positioning, it’s worth it to look into your weapon of choice a bit and see what area of the monster you should be attacking. For example;

  Hammers, Hunting Horns, Charge Blade: go for the head, if multiple of these are in the same group, the priority of who gets the head should go in the same order.Longswords: always go for the tail.Bows and Bowguns: go for weak points and aim a little high.


  The rest of the weapons are a bit more versatile and can attack from multiple places, such as the Greatsword or the Insect Glaive. Your primary concern with positioning should be hitting the spot your weapon is best for and making sure none of your attacks interrupt teammates. If your team manages to pull this off seamlessly, it’ll make fighting some of the more difficult monsters in the game a lot more enjoyable.


  Almost every single new player falls into this trap of building a bunch of different armors and weapons in Low-Rank, only for all of them to entirely lose their usefulness once they hit High Rank about halfway through MHW’s story.


  That’s not to?say you should avoid wearing any armor altogether in Low-Rank, but only build what you need. Luckily, to give players an easier way to get a new character to the Iceborne content, Capcom added the Guardian’s Armor/Weapons into the game. If?you’re just trying to get to High-Rank ASAP, this is by far the best avenue.


  Monster Hunter games might seem clunky, but they’ve always focused on giving players plenty of movement options in a pinch?(even more in Rise). One of those movement options is the Full-Dive, which newer players don’t seem to utilize as much as they should since it requires sheathing their weapon first.


  However, the Full-Dive is a godsend for AoE moves?that the bigger monsters tend to use?later on in Monster Hunter World. The Full-Dive?has a ton of extra invincibility frames compared to the normal dodge, so it should be utilized and mastered.


  The amount of items you’ll need to bring on a hunt, on average, is pretty high and it can be incredibly overwhelming. This inventory management problem is where a lot of new players find themselves bouncing off of the Monster Hunter franchise, but that’s only because they aren’t properly utilizing the loadout system. This system is simple, with it, you can:


  Instantly refill your inventory and also put away unnecessary items.Switch to a new weapon and armor to match the next hunt.Adjust items to an upcoming hunt.See if you’re missing any crucial ingredients.


  Speaking of items, the item bar at the bottom right of the screen might seem unintuitive at first. But, any veteran MHW player knows about the numerous different ways you can make this system easier to use, such as:

  Using the Radial Menu rather than the Item Bar.Setting the default selection “stick” for the Radial Menu to the right stick so you can move and select an item.Bind crafting to the item bar/radial menu to make crafting items on the fly a breeze.Rearrange the order of the Item Bar so that the more commonly used items are upfront.



  To make a Mega-Potion in MHW, all you need to do is combine a regular Potion and some Honey. As long as you keep up with the Botanical Department, you should rarely run out of Mega-Potions. But, the only problem is you can only bring ten Mega-Potions with you on a hunt.

  Well, there’s an easy workaround for this, simply bring ten Potions and 10 Honey with you on the hunt as well. Then, once you’re out of Mega-Potions, you can just craft ten more.?This works with any item too, such as Flashpods or Dung Pods, but be careful not to fill up too much of your Item Pouch with crafting ingredients.


  On average, capturing a monster in Monster Hunter will actually get you more rewards than killing it will. But wait, if monsters don’t have visible health bars in MHW, how are you supposed to know when they’re ready for capture?


  Well, there’s the obvious visual indicator where the?target limps away; however, the skull icon on the minimap also means that monsters are below 30% health and capturable. This can save you some time in certain situations, as it’ll stop you from accidentally killing the monster before it had a chance to visually show it was capturable.


  There are a lot of passive ways to buff your stats in MHW, players can:

  Eat at the Canteen.Use Armor or Weapon Skills.Equip Certain Gems.Drink Potions.Get buffs from their teammates or their Palico.

  And that’s just naming a few of them. But, how many new players entirely miss the Powertalon, Armortalon, Powercharm, and Armorcharms altogether? These are items that have appeared in past games, and they’re non-consumable. Simply put, by keeping them in your Item Puch, they’ll passively buff either your Armor or your Attack Damage. It’s not a huge amount, but it’s certainly enough to warrant losing four measly inventory slots.



  Lastly,?newcomers to?MHW?tend to ignore the Bounties and Investigation systems or don’t use them enough. Bounties are a fantastic way to work up a steady supply of Armor Spheres, something you’ll desperately need for High-Rank content.

  And Investigations are a better way to fight monsters you’ve previously fought with bonus rewards as incentives. Even on a first playthrough, try to avoid?focusing solely on the main story?or only dipping into the side content every once and a while.

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