[lake mcswain]25th Annual Lake McSwain Trout Derby is Planned for Saturday, May 15, 2021 – Located in Merced and M

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  April 25, 2021 – The 25th Annual Lake McSwain Trout Derby will be held this year on May 15, and it’s getting some hightech support.

  The Derby will rely on the smart phone app FishDonkey. Popular among anglers, the app allows for participants to photograph, measure and record their entries. The app does not require live WiFI or cellular access to work.

  “We appreciate all of our anglers who are so loyal to our lakes,” said Brooke Gutierrez, Director of MID Parks and Recreation. “We know this is an important event to many of them and want to ensure it continues to be held.”

  The Derby is planned from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday May 15. The entry fee will be $25 per adult. Kids under 16 fish free with adult entry. Anglers must additionally pay the parks entry fee of $8 per day or $30-$40 for overnight camping. Some limited campsites are still available at the lake, as well as nearby Lake McClure. For reservations, click here or visit www.LakeMcClure.com.

  All registration and payments must be made through the FishDonkey app. Participants are strongly encouraged to access the app early and become familiar with it before the Derby. All photos, videos and judging will be managed through the app. On the day of the Derby, participants will need to have both their smart phone – with the app available – as well as a measuring board or tape used to photograph their catch.

  The FishDonkey app has a feature allowing participants to practice uploading their fish in preparation for the Derby.

  “This app is extremely popular with anglers and we are excited to bring it to Lake McSwain,” said Gutierrez

  Once the app is loaded onto a smart phone, participants can select “Fish in a Tournament.” Then a search window will appear. Participants can then enter “Lake McSwain.” This will take anglers to the Lake McSwain Derby page with all the required registration and information.

  This year’s categories will include the following:

  ? Longest trout for $2,000

  ? Stringer with three longest fish combined: $2,000

  ? Wild card – one adult winner is randomly selected for $500 prize

  ? Kids Wild Card – a winner under 16 will be randomly selected to receive a fishing pole and tackle box. (Sponsored by Splash N Dash and the Reel Deal Market and Café at Lake McSwain).

  “This is always a great time of year,” said Gutierrez. “Lake McSwain is regularly being stocked with goodsized rainbow trout and we are looking forward to a fun day.”

  For further information, please click here or visit www.Lake McClure.com

  To watch a tutorial video for FishDonkey, please click here.

  Source: MID