[games like hytale]Korean startup Cassel Games enters the online gaming world with a cool ‘rat’ game Ratrapolis

07-08 12:14

  South Korea is a hub for the gaming industry and game developers. The country has a deep-rooted gaming culture, and it ranks fourth worldwide in terms of revenues from gaming with most gamers using a hytale server list to find a server which will provide an excellent gaming experience. Gaming is a way of like in Korea and a popular one at that, so it’s no surprise its a hub for innovative technology and gaming. While Koreans have been leading in Mobile and PC-games, the game developers are now conquering the online-game market. The support from local government and technologically advanced infrastructure is aiding many game developers to showcase their work on a global platform.

  Defend the rats in this virtual deck building game

  Korean startup Cassel Games is an example of the growing phenomenon of online-game developers. Cassel Games is an Indie game developer team made up of students from Sogang Game School in South Korea. The startup has launched its online game ‘Ratrapolis,’ and it is already getting rave reviews.

  Ratropolis is a virtual card game that uses cards to defend a rat’s city against enemies. It is a fusion game of rogue-lite, tower defense, city-building, and deck-building. Game enthusiasts must defend from upcoming enemies with quick judgment and swiftness. The developers have created a new kind of real-time strategy game filled with addictive and fast-paced gameplay.

  Ratropolis has more than 200(600) plus cards various cards that you can unlock new features. The game is available on the Cassel Games site and also on Steam. Ratropolis is available as a beta version, and the startup is developing more features like ‘nightmare mode’ and advanced stages.

  Ratrapolis Game Screen.

  A startup founded by gaming students

  Cassel Games was founded in 2019 by an enthusiastic group of students. The startup’s CEO/Game director Sung Jin Hwang has been developing games since he was a middle school student. Hwang has worked on seven to eight-game projects while attending the Sogang Game School. After graduating from school, he did not get a job at a Korean game company and developed his own indie game along with Programmer Sun Woong Lee and four others.

  Startup recognized for its creative game

  Cassel Games is a newly formed company, but its work has received many accolades. The debut project Ratrapolis was a top-selling game nominated for November 2019 on Steam as a ‘new release.’ Steam is a US-based video game digital distribution service by Valve, which is a popular site for game lovers worldwide.

  Cassel Games team has got Gold Prize in Bachelor category at the Global Indie Game Development Contest, Korean Game Academy Award at the Global Game Challenge Awards, Rising Star Award at the Busan Indie Connect Festival, second place at the New Gyeonggi Game Audition and Nominated for Best Student award at the Made With Unity Korea Awards. The startup’s focus currently is to release the advanced version of Ratrapolis. The company has already raised USD 0.4million in revenue in 2019 and hopes to increase profits with the advanced version.

  With the online gaming industry being one of the most profitable markets in the world aiding game developers earn billions of dollars of revenue through innovative games, Cassel games team can sure look forward to a bright future.

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