[nhl 20 franchise mode]NHL 21: 10 Tips To Win The Stanley Cup In Franchise Mode

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  Winning NHL 21 in franchise mode isn’t easy, but it’s a lot easier with these ten tips for scoring that Stanley Cup victory in the end.

  By Michael DeRosa

  Published Mar 13, 2021


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  Franchise mode is a very fun part of NHL 21. It is amazing to have the opportunity to control a professional hockey team and aim to have them win the Stanley Cup. A lot of hockey fans are not too happy with the moves that their favorite teams tend to make, so this game mode allows the player to build them in their image. However, the mode does pose some serious challenges for those who are new to it, as strategy is definitely needed to find success.

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  There are many elements that can lead to a successful team?in this game, so it is important to be aware of each of them. The smallest of missing areas can result in these teams struggling immensely, even if the team itself is good on paper. This can actually make this mode frustrating at times. However, certain steps can be made to help alleviate the chances of this occurring.

  The main purpose of this mode is to win, so acknowledging all aspects of it is very important.


  Head coach talking to player in NHL 21

  Although it may not seem important at first glance, hiring a good coach really impacts this mode, especially if the player opts to simulate seasons. Not only is obtaining an A-level coach important, but their chemistry with the team’s players is also essential.

  This can truly impact the team’s record, especially if the coaches have low team chemistry and morale with one another. This can make a significant difference in the overall scheme of things, so definitely keep an eye on it.

  Vancouver Canucks lines in NHL 21

  The line chemistry feature is another newer one that needs attention drawn to it. Players will produce stronger statistics if they are on lines with others they mesh well with. The higher the plus, the better the team will do.

  The opposite occurs when lines have a minus rating, as it can impact even the best of players negatively. It also is very important when it comes to the development of younger players, as they can grow immensely or stay completely stagnant.


  Alexei Lafreniere re-signs with team in NHL 21

  If a player wants an extension once his contract is set to expire, there is marvelous news. This player will sign an extension for 85% of his asking price, which definitely is helpful when it comes to the salary cap in this game.

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  This can be amazing, as it allows the player more leverage when building his team elsewhere. This is where star players from the roster can be extended at bargain prices, which definitely is quite exciting.

  Scouting in NHL 21

  The draft is one of the most important elements of this game mode, especially when it comes to rebuilding teams. Also, it is crucial when it comes to the later portions of it, as this is a mode that the player can keep using for 25 simulated seasons.

  Therefore, having top-of-the-line scouts is marvelous at the end of the day. It is good to have them in all areas of the world, as it will give the player far more options to choose from. This game has a lot of steals in the later portions of the draft too.


  Alex Ovechkin in NHL 21

  Free agency is definitely very important in this game, as it allows the player to bring in new talent. Outstanding players do seem to be on this list every single season, but it is important to truly evaluate the roster before jumping to sign them.

  Every team seems to have weaknesses, so it is far more important to go after the biggest need first. Also, if crucial players on the roster are due for raises in the following off-season, it is not the best of ideas to bring in a bank-breaking contract too.

  NHL 21 Trade Deadline

  The Trade Deadline is such a fun feature to this game, as it allows the player so much more leverage with trades. A plethora of players are on the block during this, so it is great to keep an eye on who may fit as a late-season acquisition.

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  It also is fantastic because it shows exactly what teams want in return. This is the perfect aspect of this mode that allows the player to build their finalized roster for the upcoming playoff push. However, it also is great because it can be a good tool for those who are rebuilding and want new prospects.


  Trading with the Edmonton Oilers in NHL 21

  The vast majority of the time, it is very important to trade players who do not want to re-sign. It is best to do this before the start of a season, as it can become harder to if a playoff push is occurring.

  It can be a tough pill to swallow, especially if the said player is very talented, but it is better to get something back for them than lose them for nothing. Also, it is never smart to overpay them to stay either.

  Prospect Quinton Byfield in NHL 21

  Truly, prospects play such a massive role in this game. That is why proper prospect development is extremely crucial for success in this mode. The player can not rush them, but also needs to allow them the chance to thrive in the roles they are currently placed at.

  Line chemistry also plays a role in their development, as well as extra playing time on special team units. Although veterans are extremely important in this game, prospects are what will carry the team in the future.


  Andrei Vasilevskiy lifting the Stanley Cup

  Goaltending is a very important element to any team in this mode, so having a fantastic one is truly beneficial. This is the case no matter how?a player decides to play through this mode.

  It is also good that a lot of fantastic goalies do not necessarily ask for the biggest of contracts sometimes. If a goalie of elite stature is available on the market and asking for at most $8 million, it is an absolute steal, to say the least.

  Patrice Bergeron and Jonathan Toews in NHL 21

  No matter how good a player is in this game, it is inevitable that they will drop off when they become older. As a result of this, it is important to keep an eye on a veteran’s potential. For example, if a player drops from elite to top-six potential, he is on the decline.

  This is when a move is truly a necessity, as his trade value will drop off significantly after each season that is played. This will allow the player to continue to have a roster that is on the rise, rather than one that is becoming worse each season.

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