[wasteland 3 multiplayer]How to Solve the Problems With the Wasteland 3 Multiplayer Mode

07-08 15:44


  For the first time ever, Wasteland 3 has added a multiplayer co-op mode. It allows two players to explore the apocalypse as a team. But this mode has not proved to be good.

  The third part of the roleplaying series allows players to make certain choices that will determine if people live or die in the post-apocalyptic world.

  By adding the multiplayer mode to Wasteland 3, they made it a whole lot complicated. Reports show that the co-op mode finds it difficult to have a good start.

  Wasteland 3 has a multiplayer mode, but it does not work as it is supposed to. The developer of the game, inXile Entertainment, has suggested a lot of solutions for it.

  Players stated that they have trouble with the connection, with the game that cannot connect past 33% when getting into a new zone. Also, their progress resets randomly while they’re playing. Some don’t have a problem with it, some don’t have the patience anymore.

  Can we fix it?

  According to the developer, we can fix it. We should disable autosaves for both of the players. This stops the game from resetting the progress randomly.

  If you want to prevent the loading problems, you need to load the new zone in a single-player, then save, then connect together in the co-op mode and load the save. It should solve the problems in no time.

  The developer of the game is currently working on solving the problems within the game, without having players manually solving them. we need to wait a bit more, but we believe it is worth the while.