[ninjala switch]Ninjala Downloads Pass 7 Million Mark on the Switch

07-09 13:32

  Gungho’s free-to-play game hit another milestone. Ninjala reached the 7 million download milestone on the Nintendo Switch eShop. To celebrate, a new piece of commemorative art was shared. Also, every player will get 100 Jala currency for free. The Jala will be distributed immediately and can be claimed via logging in.

  Since its June 2020 launch, the game’s audience steadily grew. For example, 16 hours after debuting worldwide, Ninjala passed the million download hallmark. By the end of that month, it hit 2 million. It passed 3 million by July 2020 and 4 million by August 2020.

  Its growth did slow slightly after that. For example, Ninjala didn’t hit 5 million downloads until December 2020 and 6 million until January 2021. However, collaborations with people like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and games like Monster Hunter Rise have come up in the first few months of 2021.

  Ninjala’s next event will be the Loot Battle Matsuri. It will run May 26, 2021 through June 2, 2021. People who take part in Ninjala Battle and Quick Battle could eventually earn the Kuroko: High Five sticker and Let’s Get Along emote.

  Ninjala is available on the Nintendo Switch. People can claim the Ninjala reward for it passing the 7 million download mark in-game until June 16, 2021.